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Top TNA official responds to 'Destination America' cancellation reports

TNA's reporter gives his view on Destination America cancellation

News 22 May 2015, 03:58 IST

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer that Destination America has cancelled TNA effective the end of September. Meltzer noted that the main issue has been the cost of programming and advertising rates, as many regular sponsors on the station did not want to advertise on TNA programming.

Meltzer mentioned that the cancellation was announced to key employees before Destination America made the decision to move Impact Wrestling to Wednesdays and that the story “is very much ongoing”. Because the cancellation was announced before the move to Wednesdays, the cancellation isn't definite, although he noted that it wasn't a good sign that people at the station haven't been told anything new since being informed of the cancellation.

TNA's Bob Ryder responded to the reports on Twitter, writing:

It should be noted that Ryder didn't mention anything about the promotion being cancelled, but rather tweeted about it folding.

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