10 current full-time WWE stars that have earned a spot in the Hall of Fame

Many current WWE stars have earned a spot in the Hall of Fame.
Many current WWE stars have earned a spot in the Hall of Fame.
Divesh Merani

WWE has a loaded roster right now, with a mix of fresh talents and experienced veterans. The product may not be the best right now, but that is through no fault of the performers. The company has done a stellar job at building Superstars up if they so intend to. And over the past few years, many stars have been created.

A lot of them are still on WWE's roster as full-time performers, with most of them currently appearing on either RAW or SmackDown weekly, during these trying times. These Superstars have already carved out incredible legacies for themselves, to the extent that they are seemingly guaranteed a place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The criteria for entering the Hall of Fame is intangible, but a fair number of current WWE stars have accomplished enough in the ring to warrant such an accolade. This takes into account their futures, with those whose contracts could see them move elsewhere, like Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio, not making this list.

Another few are also likely to enter the Hall of Fame, but it cannot be disputed that these ten WWE stars are Hall of Fame-bound. It may take a decade or two for them to be inducted, depending on how their careers pan out. But at the end of the day, all of them are destined to become Hall of Famers.

Here are ten current full-time Superstars that have earned a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

#10 Randy Orton

Keeping the most obvious name first, Randy Orton is a guaranteed WWE Hall of Fame headliner. His in-ring career speaks for itself, with countless titles to his name. The Viper has been a constant feature on WWE programming since 2002, remaining a full-time Superstar to this day.

Orton is a 13-time World Champion and was the youngest Superstar to win the World Heavyweight title back in 2004. While he was not in the best of places during his early days in WWE, Orton is a respected veteran today thanks to his smooth and seamless in-ring work.

The Legend Killer has used that sustainable style to maintain longevity in the ring, and we can safely call him a WWE legend today. Orton has done some excellent character work, particularly as a heel. His psychotic edge is very easy to get invested in, with him doing all sorts of evil things to the likes of Jeff Hardy, Edge, and even the entire McMahon family.

However, the small and subtle things he does, along with his unbelievable natural talent, make Randy Orton one of the greatest WWE Superstars in history. And he is once again at the top of his game, with the chance to become a 14-time WWE World Champion looming at SummerSlam.

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