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15 things you didn't know about Goldberg

Lesser known facts about 'The Man From the Planet Goldberg'.

There will never be another Goldberg

There have been many rumours about Goldberg’s return over the last few over but none so concrete as the rumours over the last few months since Goldberg signed with 2K Games to appear in the WWE 2K17 game. Ultimate Warrior and Sting who had been on previous 2K games appeared in WWE  after appearing in the games first. With that said, the rumour mills have been going crazy as far as Goldberg’s return is concerned with every little thing Goldberg says in interviews being considered as cryptic messages by fans and suchlike.

With that being said, many younger fans may not be fully aware of who Goldberg is, having been too young to watch him in his peak. Goldberg’s career started in WCW and he was one of the industry’s hottest stars in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He finally signed with the WWE in 2003 but his run just lasted a year. Goldberg is still in good shape and will add name value to the WWE and a host of exciting match-ups with the stars of today.

With all that for the future, let’s begin by getting to know Goldberg with this article. Here are 15 things you did not know about Goldberg.

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