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3 Romantic angles that failed and 3 that succeeded in WWE in recent years

Two major romantic WWE storylines of recent times
Two major romantic WWE storylines of recent times
Modified 30 Sep 2020, 10:03 IST
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Romantic storylines have been a mainstay in WWE for years now. The promotion has churned out a bunch of romantic angles over the past several decades, and they have always been hit or miss. Romantic stories are always hard to execute, as there's a good chance the two (or sometimes three) parties have zero chemistry together, and it falls flat in front of a live audience.

But that doesn't mean that we haven't had some incredibly well-done romantic angles. Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth's real-life love story was perfectly used in a storyline. The Edge-Lita-Matt Hardy love triangle is widely regarded as one of the greatest angles in WWE history. In the following list, we will take a look at three WWE romantic angles that failed, and three that succeeded.

#6 Lana and Bobby Lashley (Romantic angle that failed in WWE)

Lashley and Lana
Lashley and Lana

Lana and Bobby Lashley revealed their affection towards each other on the RAW season premiere last year, as Lana's real-life husband Rusev watched them get together helplessly. The angle was immediately slammed by a large number of fans. The ones who liked the angle kept hoping that this would lead to a major push for Rusev as a babyface, but things only kept getting worse with each passing week.

Throughout this angle, Rusev and Bobby Lashley faced each other on various occasions, with Lashley getting the upper hand on Rusev most of the time. When Liv Morgan was inserted into the storyline, she teamed up with Rusev in a losing effort against Lana and Lashley. The angle left a bad taste in fans' mouths as it destroyed Rusev's character beyond repair. Rusev was released by WWE following WrestleMania. Lana and Lashley separated after she unintentionally cost him a WWE title match against Drew McIntyre.

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Published 30 Sep 2020, 09:58 IST
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