4 controversial superstars who deserve one more chance in WWE - '3x World Champion, polarizing podcast legend & more'

WWE has never shied away from giving second chances to problematic stars.
WWE has never shied away from giving second chances to problematic stars

Making it to WWE is nothing short of a milestone for any aspiring wrestling talent. However, just because one lands their dream gig doesn't guarantee they would steer clear of controversies.

Over the decades, the Stamford-based pro-wrestling titan has housed numerous gifted names who somehow lost their way to varying controversies. As a result, their careers encountered major hurdles or got derailed entirely.

But in a plethora of cases, WWE has been generous enough to grant second chances to polarizing fan-favorite stars. CM Punk (2014 - 2023), Bret Hart (1997 - 2010) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (2002- 2003) are prime proof that no matter how bad things get between the talent and company, the door for a return is always open.

That said, let's take a look at four superstars with a divisive reputation who possibly deserve one more chance in WWE.

#4 3x WWE World Champion Jeff Hardy

The word 'icon' gets thrown around quite a lot these days when describing a good wrestler. However, if there's one superstar who is the embodiment of said word, it's Jeff Hardy.

The way The Charismatic Enigma went from being an enhancement tag-team star to one of the most beloved babyfaces in the industry is an arc for the books. While fans should consider themselves fortunate for the fact that Hardy is still wrestling despite the career-ending stunts he has subjected his body to over the years, the controversies surrounding him have significantly tainted his legacy.

From showing up to a ring intoxicated to abandoning a match mid-way, along with his constant legal battles, The Enigmatic Soul's fans now want him to call it quits and enjoy his retirement in peace rather than risk losing yet another battle to his demons.

But before he hits his final Swanton Bomb, it would be a delight to see him get one, no matter the length, final run in WWE. After all, his controversial exit from the company shouldn't overshadow his trailblazing career.

#3 Jim Cornette

Since Triple H's ascension to the top of the creative hill, the role of managers and valets in WWE has once again started to gain prominence. Thus, the opportunity has risen to bring in one of the most polarizing figures in the modern wrestling space: Jim Cornette.

Touted as having one of the most brilliant wrestling minds, Cornette absolutely crushed it with his on-screen portrayal of The Midnight Express' manager in Jim Crockett Promotions in the 1980s. He also worked with WWE in various roles between 1993 and 2005.

Despite not being associated with any major wrestling company for a good while, Cornette remains one of the most talked-about figures on wrestling social media, all thanks to his flaming hot takes on the current product and talent.

While he has made it clear on multiple occasions that he isn't interested in hitting the road again, he did mention that he would like to manage Jacob Fatu if he ever came out of retirement. So, now that the Samoan Werewolf is reportedly WWE-bound, the racket-yielding loudmouth should be the next one to receive a call from Stamford.

#2 Enzo Amore


The self-proclaimed Smack-Talker Skywalker had the WWE Universe in the palm of his hand even before he received his main-roster callup in 2016. In an era where the success rate of fan-favorite NXT call-ups was below average, Enzo found a way to save himself from getting lost in the shuffle.

Within his first few months on the main roster, he got to team up with John Cena. About a year later, he became one of the focal points of WWE's cruiserweight-centered show, 205 Live. All in all, The Real One was a TV mainstay.

The emergence of serious allegations against him, coupled with the fact that he had a reputation for being a trouble seeker backstage, apparently led to his release. He wouldn't stop his controversial antics even after his firing, and that could be why he never got a second chance to work for the professional wrestling titan.

However, nearly six years have passed since the Survivor Series 2018 incident. Enzo has wrestled across the indy circuit during this time. So, it wouldn't be out of the question to hope that he has matured. If that is the case, a second run should be on the table. If not for anything else, the thought of him testing his witty mic game against the likes of Drew McIntyre, Dominik Mysterio and LA Knight is tempting.

#1 Matt Riddle


The list of proficient performers who were fired due to not being able to stop getting in their own way doesn't start without mentioning Matt Riddle.

The Original Bro had everything that a professional wrestler needed to succeed on the big stage. He was smooth in the ring, oddly captivating on the mic, and had great chemistry with almost any superstar he got to share a ring with in the company.

His tag-team with Randy Orton is deemed one of the most entertaining duos in the modern era of sports entertainment. What's disappointing is that the RK-Bro saga never concluded due to Riddle constantly being a PR headache for WWE while The Viper was out of action due to injury.

That said, 'never say never' is more than just a phrase when it comes to the 'E. History is proof that the promotion has welcomed the most problematic names back. So, The King of Bros might end up receiving another shot at glory too. He is hopeful about it as well.