47-year-old to leave WWE after Payback? Exploring potential reasons

Trish Stratus
WWE superstar likely to go on hiatus after Payback

WWE Payback is just around the corner, and many exciting matches have been shaping up for the spectacular event. One of those is Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus, whose feud has been running on Monday Night Raw for a while now. It also might be Stratus' last appearance on WWE programming.

The Hall of Famer could leave the company after her match against Lynch at Payback. The main reason Trish Stratus came back to WWE for a second run was to have a dream match with Becky Lynch. However, the feud was supposed to see its last chapter at SummerSlam this year.

Therefore, with this rivalry potentially culminating at Payback, the 47-year-old seemingly has few reasons to stay. Another event that might prompt her to leave the company for now is the fulfillment of her dream at the September 2 event.

Trish Stratus has always longed to wrestle in a steel cage match in WWE. The Quintessential WWE Diva revealed it in an interview with TVA Sports, as she never wrestled a steel cage match in her illustrious career.

Therefore, with Stratus finally getting what she wanted, Payback might be the final stop for her. There are strong reasons for the legend to go on hiatus after wrapping up her rivalry with Becky Lynch.

Reasons why Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus must end at Payback

Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus
Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus

The rivalry between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch has been going on for a prolonged period of time. While the feud looked promising initially and had fans invested in it, they started to lose interest with time due to poor story progression.

The WWE Universe showed disregard for this rivalry, and one such instance was conspicuous on the August 21 episode of RAW when the fans hijacked the segment between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch with obnoxious chants.

Therefore, it appears that fans are exasperated with WWE stretching this feud, and it must end at WWE's next premium live event. One of the other reasons is that the other superstars on the roster deserve to get the spotlight rather than the Hall of Famer, who is past her prime.

There are many new faces currently in the WWE Women's Division who could shine if put against Becky Lynch. WWE has a very good opportunity to build new stars in the company that could take the driver's seat going forward.

Therefore, the chapter between Trish and Becky must end at Payback for other superstars to step up and get the spotlight.

Who should Becky Lynch begin a feud with after ending her rivalry with Trish Stratus? Let us know in the comment section below.

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