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5 best guest host moments in RAW history

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Shane McMahon has done an impressive job as the guest host for Raw for the past two weeks

It looks like Shane McMahon will once more appear on Raw this week. Whether he would host it or The Authority will return is left to speculation. Though Shane has done a tremendous job of managing Raw for the past two weeks, it is unlikely that WWE will let Shane run Raw without any face-off with Triple H and Stephanie anymore.

WWE wouldn’t risk anymore antics with this angle and if a brandsplit is coming it is good to have it sooner rather than later. The novelty of Shane running Raw might wear off quickly, so WWE will try to capitalize on Shane’s popularity for the moment and do some necessary changes that they had in mind before bringing in Shane.

Seeing Shane guest host Raw for the past two weeks has rekindled my memory a bit and took me back to the time when Raw was run by guest hosts for a period of more than a year during 2009-2010. There has been some memorable moments during that time and here I have listed out top 5 moments that took place at that time.

Special Mention : Mike Tyson knocks out Jericho 

Mike Tyson’s infamous betrayal of D-Generation X at WrestleMania 14 was a moment none of us could forget. It officially spelled the beginning of Austin Era and became the foundation for the Attitude Era on which WWE rode to glory to beat WCW in Monday Night Wars.

After exactly 12 years, Mike Tyson appeared once again in WWE to Guest Host Raw on January 11, 2010. As expected WWE rekindled his enmity with DX in a spectacular fashion by booking Jericho and Tyson against the DX in the main event of the night.

Fans where expecting to see DX get their revenge on Mike Tyson, but what transpired left everyone shocked. Tyson turned on Jericho and knocked him out cold. He then went on to celebrate with DX creating a big kayfabe moment. 

For a wrestling fan like Tyson, it might have been one of his greatest moments to close the show on Monday night Raw.

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