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5 celebrities who've had affairs with WWE stars

With Ric Flair claiming he slept with Halle Berry in '97, let's look at 5 other hook ups from the past

Top 5 / Top 10 05 Oct 2016, 18:06 IST
Halle Berry has strongly denied that she slept with Ric Flair

In a shocking revelation, 16-time World Heavyweight Champion ‘The Natureboy’ Ric Flair claimed that he’d slept with Oscar Winning Actress Halle Berry in 1997, when she’d split up with her ex David Justice. The news caught on like wildfire, and the mainstream media was quick to latch on to it, immediately getting in touch with Halle Berry.

Berry of course, would deny that she had anything to do with Flair, and in fact, her publicist said, she had never even heard of Flair. Whatever the truth may be, it gives us an opportunity to explore a very interesting topic. Here are 5 confirmed reports of mainstream celebrities who’ve hooked up with WWE stars.

#5 Brie Bella and Richie Kotzen 

The guitarist does get all the girls

Richie Kotzen is, simply put, one of the best guitarists in the world. Some of you may know of the bands he’s played with such as 80s glam legends Poison and Mr. Big, but today he’s known for playing with virtuosos Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy (formerly of Dream Theater) in a band called The Winery Dogs.

It is impossible to imagine Brie Bella with anyone but Daniel Bryan now, but Kotzen and Bella were once a thing. Looks like Brie only goes for guys who’re masters of their craft. Kudos to her taste in men. Of course, Brie and Kotzen did not last, and both are content in their current relationships. Truth be told, Brie and Daniel Bryan being married forever sounds like music to our ears.

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