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5 Dream feuds that should happen in 2019 

Aryan Tiwari
12.42K   //    08 Dec 2018, 16:39 IST

The dream match which we all want to see
The dream match which we all want to see

WWE is the world’s leading sports entertainment company. Lately, the company has been able to deliver some classic feuds, with John Cena v/s AJ Styles (ending at Elimination Chamber 2017), Usos v/s New Day (ending at WrestleMania 34) and AJ Styles v/s Samoa Joe being a few examples.

New Day, meet The Old Day - One of the worst segments ever
New Day, meet The Old Day - One of the worst segments ever

On the flip side, some feuds did more harm than good to the company. From the Old Day segment to the Lashley’s Sisters segment, many feuds penned down the creative writers have caused a decline in the viewership of both Raw and SmackDown Live shows.

Lesnar’s feud with Reigns is one of the most infamous feuds of all time. But, if it had been booked properly, with the company continuing to push Reigns steadily to the top, Reigns would have been welcomed as the new face of the company not only by the casual but also the hardcore fans.

WWE is filled with a lot of potential superstars who, if booked properly, can tear the house down. Let us take a look at some rivalries that will keep the fans invested.

#1 AJ Styles vs Finn Balor

These men stole the show at the TLC 2017 PPV
These men stole the show at the TLC 2017 PPV

The two former 'Bullet Club' leaders surely are two of the greatest wrestlers of this generation.

AJ Styles has been the face of TNA and apart from being leader of Bullet Club, Styles has also been an IWGP Heavyweight Champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling. In WWE, Styles has been a former US Champion and is currently is his second reign with the WWE Title.

While AJ Styles had the WWE Title for more than a year recently, Balor had to relinquish his Universal Championship the night after winning it, due an injury.


Being a former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion in NJPW and the longest reigning NXT champion, he is also the first-ever Universal champion. But, much to the dismay of the fans, "The Leader of Balor Club" is currently not being utilized properly.

A feud of this caliber between 'The Phenomenal One' and 'The Demon King' could certainly do wonders to both of the wrestlers (particularly Balor), as well as the company.

WWE could pull an angle with Balor being drafted to SmackDown Live, reforming The Club with Styles and The Good Brothers.

Styles and Good Brothers can then turn their back on Finn Balor to kick-start this legendary feud. A feud of this caliber certainly deserves one of the Big 4 pay-per-views and the WWE title on the line.

Their match at TLC 2017 was a nice one and if given time, these two could develop feud that would be remembered for years.

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