5 feuds for Gunther following WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2023

Our current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther
Our current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther

Gunther has, as of the time of this writing, held the WWE Intercontinental Championship for a whopping 528 days. He's probably the most fearsome and dominant IC champ since... the Ultimate Warrior. He's vanquished foes like Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Ricochet, and even Braun Strowman. Three of those four are former World Champions, by the way.

The Ring General will, once again, look to defend his title against The Miz this Saturday at Survivor Series WarGames. Whether or not he walks out of Chicago with the championship, it's clear that Gunther has done just about all he can with it - he's even said so himself.

So, whether or not he's still Intercontinental Champion after Saturday, Gunther will be looking for a new challenge.

We've got some ideas.

#5. Gunther vs. Seth "Freakin'" Rollins

Quick aside - did we have to add "freakin'" to Seth's name there? Yes. We are legally obligated to do that at least once per article (we're kidding; we totally made that up.)

Rollins, the current World Heavyweight Champion, has done an outstanding job of establishing this new world title. He's held off all comers while avoiding none, and there's no doubt that The Visionary would accept Gunther's challenge, should one be made.

Seth's currently wrapped up in this whole WarGames beef with The Judgment Day. Following Saturday's match, however, chances are good that Rollins is going to have his dance card open up a bit as far as challengers go.

A "Champion vs Champion" match at Royal Rumble between the two could actually be pretty exciting. Even if Gunther isn't holding the belt at the time that show comes around, he's already established himself as a definite contender for, well, just about any championship in the company.

If there's one thing Gunther and Rollins have in common (and we're sure there's more), it is that they both know how to tell a story during a match. And a match (or series of matches) between these two would be outstanding.

And might even get Gunther a well-deserved World Championship reign to add to his already impressive CV.

#4. Gunther vs. Roman Reigns

Name a dominant current champion who has held their title for a record amount of time and who also has a loyal (well, mostly) group of soldiers for backup. No, other than the Ring General.

Right. That guy. Undisputed WWE Universal Roman Reigns.


Think of the lead-up to a match like this. The mid-ring staredowns. A tag match between Imperium and the Bloodline, and then a title match main event where the two can beat the absolute nonsense out of each other.

Granted, Reigns is on SmackDown, while the Ring General is on RAW - but it's not like that sort of thing has ever been an issue with the Tribal Chief before.

This doesn't have to end with the leader of Imperium winning the championship, although that'd be pretty cool. Imperium doesn't even need to turn heel - think back to the Wyatt Family/Shield match back in 2014.

It might be a little too early to put him and Reigns in a main-event program, but whenever it does happen - what a program it'll be.

#3. Gunther vs. Jey Uso

Provided the Ring General comes away with the win this weekend, he's going to need to drop the championship at some point. Even the champion himself, in an interview, stated, "Nothing lasts forever."

On the other hand, WWE is also all about "Main Event" Jey Uso (and who can blame them?) They clearly have big things planned for him, and an Intercontinental Championship run would do wonders for him. It would also free the former WALTER up to hunt bigger game.

We kind of see this potential feud as one of begrudging respect. Build up a match between these two as a "must-win" for both. The champion respects Jey's skill, and the latter still needs to prove he can defeat anyone who comes his way. He needs to get that championship to show he's serious as a singles star.

If this feud were to happen, whether or not Uso wins, they would clearly put on some amazing matches - and both men would look awesome because of it.

#2. Gunther vs. Ludwig Kaiser

Oh, come on. They've been teasing this on and off since Imperium debuted on the main roster.

Kaiser is an amazing talent on his own - maybe one of the most underrated on the WWE roster. A fight between him and his Ring General - it doesn't matter which one, but there's gotta be a good guy and a bad guy here - would also be a great stepping stone for both.

If Gunther is going to reach the main event, he needs to do it on his own (and he can do it.) For Kaiser, he has the potential to be an (at least) upper-mid-card star, and a feud with his former leader would help facilitate that.

On top of everything. having a Gunther/Kaiser feud will wrap up a number of dangling storylines when it comes to the faction. WWE has made it clear that there's tension between the Imperium members - so why not build upon that?

Finally, as all things do, this list ends with The Beast.

#1. Gunther vs. Brock Lesnar

OK, so... this past year, Brock has proven that he's happy to put over a performer that the company (and, more than likely - because the Beast does what the Beat wants - Brock himself) wants to make a star.

WWE has teased this battle earlier in the year, having the Beast and the Ring General face off during the Royal Rumble this past January.


We can picture a Lesnar vs Cody Rhodes scenario for these two - begrudging respect and all that. But Lesnar eventually putting over our guy works for pretty much everybody. Lesnar gets paid, the Ring General gets the rub, and WWE gets an amazing main event.

Who do you think Gunther should go after next? Let us know in the comments section.

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