5 lesser-known facts about Shane McMahon's wife Marissa Mazzola - Had a crush on a 4-time WWE Champion on-screen, acted with a Hollywood A-Lister 

Five facts about Shane McMahon's wife, Marissa Mazzola
Five facts about Shane McMahon's wife, Marissa Mazzola

Although Shane McMahon is well-known to the WWE Universe, fans may not know much about his wife, Marissa Mazzola.

Vince McMahon's son started working as a referee in his father's company in the late 1980s. He later became an in-ring competitor and an authority figure. The 52-year-old, however, has left the company a few times over the years to pursue other projects.

Shane's wife, Marissa Mazzola, who is celebrating her birthday today, also worked in WWE for several years before leaving to pursue a career in the movie industry. Because she did not work for much time on television, Mazzola is lesser-known to WWE fans than the rest of the McMahon family.

On that note, here are five lesser-known facts about Shane McMahon's wife, Marissa Mazzola.

#5 Marissa Mazzola was the girl next door

Shane McMahon and Marissa Mazzola were neighbors
Shane McMahon and Marissa Mazzola were neighbors

Marissa Mazolla was born in New York, and shortly after, her family moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, where they resided next to the McMahons. During an appearance on The Howard Stern E! Show, Mazzola disclosed how she first met her husband.

"He was my next door neighbor. He lived across the street from me," she said. [7:53 - 7:55]

In the same interview, Mazzola disclosed that she knew that the McMahons were multi-millionaires when she first met Vince's son. However, she stated that she was not after Shane's money. Mazzola also added that she believed her husband was very handsome.

In addition to being neighbors, Mazzola and her husband, Shane McMahon, both attended Boston University. A few years after their graduation, the couple tied the knot in 1996. They now have three sons together.

#4 Vince McMahon planned to leave Marissa Mazzola an equal share of WWE as Shane and Stephanie

Marissa Mazzola has a good relationship with Vince McMahon
Marissa Mazzola has a good relationship with Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon seems to have a good relationship with his daughter-in-law, Marissa Mazzola. In an interview with Howard Stern in 2001, Vince disclosed that he planned to leave his wrestling empire to Shane, Stephanie, and Mazzola, all with equal shares. At the time, Stephanie was not yet married to Triple H. Hence, Vince's plans might have changed later.

In the same interview, Vince expressed his admiration for Mazzola, calling her "beautiful."

During an appearance on The Howard Stern E! Show in 2000, Mazzola also revealed that she did not sign a prenuptial agreement when she married Vince's son. She added that Vince was generous with Shane when her husband worked in WWE.

#3 Marissa Mazzola had an on-screen crush on a 4-time WWE Champion

Shane's wife, Marissa McMahon plays a prank on Michael Cole

Between 1999 and 2000, Marissa Mazzola co-hosted WWF/E LiveWire alongside Michael Cole. Many WWE Superstars have appeared on the show. As part of her on-screen character, Mazzola flirted with a few of them.

In September 2000, an article in WWE Magazine suggested that Mazzola had an on-screen crush on Kurt Angle.

"There's one thing that many inside the Federation think must happen before Mazzola fully taps into her potential, though. Some think she must learn to separate business from pleasure. Whether as Marissa or 'Marsha,' Mazzola's developed quite a reputation for having crushes on certain Federation Superstars. Most recently, Kurt Angle has roused her fancy, which occurred after Crash Holly spurned her overtures. Nevertheless, in typical Mazzola fashion, she bounces right back whenever Cole reminds her of her futile attempts to make favorable impressons on her crushes," the article explained.

Later that same year, Mazzola left the show. Nearly a year later, WWE canceled LiveWire.

#2 Acted in a movie with Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock)

Marissa Mazzola appeared in The Scorpion King
Marissa Mazzola appeared in The Scorpion King

Two years after leaving LiveWire, Marissa Mazzola landed her first and only acting job. The 49-year-old appeared in the movie The Scorpion King, starring Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock). She played a small role as a Bird Merchant.

While Johnson later became a Hollywood mega-star and one of the highest-paid actors in the world, Mazzola ditched acting and turned her attention to film production.

In 2005, Mazzola founded her own production company, Kamala Films. Shane McMahon's wife has participated in producing several movies, including A Private War, Anamorph, and What Maisie Knew.

#1 Marissa Mazzola worked in a few backstage jobs in WWE

Shane McMahon and his wife, former WWE employee, Marissa! #HellInACell tomorrow... #WWE #WWEHOF

While she co-hosted LiveWire on-screen, Marissa Mazzola also had a few other backstage jobs in WWE. Shane McMahon's wife worked as a publicist in her father-in-law's company.

As part of her job, she accompanied superstars to interviews. The 49-year-old made a few appearances on The Howard Stern E! Show in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as the famous host invited superstars like Chyna and Stone Cold Steve Austin to his show.

Vince McMahon's daughter-in-law also worked as Director of Public Relations before leaving the company to pursue other options.

Over the past few years, Mazzola has kept a low profile. She appeared only a few times on WWE television as she attended events like Hall of Fame ceremonies. She has also not been active on social media.

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