5 MORE young stars WWE should look to sign soon

Alicia Atout has been an announcer and manager for IMPACT, AEW and MLW and would be a perfect fit for WWE
Alicia Atout has been an announcer and manager for IMPACT, AEW and MLW and would be a perfect fit for WWE

Recently at Sportskeeda, we posted a list of five young stars that WWE should look to sign. Many of those names would be a great fit for the re-vamped NXT, as they are young veterans who are ready to take the next logical step forward.

In that same vein, there are several other performers out there that range from wrestlers to managers to announcers that would be worthy of a closer look from WWE. As the Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment, they are always re-stocking their shelves with fresh talent.

Luckily, thanks to the growth in popularity of Indy Wrestling over the past 10-15 years, there are currently a lot of polished young veterans. Often, they may have been wrestling for a decade and still haven't reached their 30th birthday yet. These kinds of performers should be right up WWE's alley.

Here are five MORE young stars that WWE should consider inking to a contract.

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#5 - Tootie Lynn

This femme fatale comes fighting out of the gateway city of St. Louis, the original home of the National Wrestling Alliance. She's kept that old-school tradition alive; she's one of the most rapidly rising female prospects in the midwest indie scene.

An almost certain future star, Tootie Lynn is also a black belt in karate and has terrific overall athletic ability. She's almost a contortionist in the ring, as she's able to bend and flex her way out of almost any move. She can speed up the match and soar in the air, and she can drive an opponent into the mat with a punishing maneuver.

Tootie has started to develop her character and has grown in confidence over the last few years. It's been evident, as she's now learned when to slow the pace of a match and milk the crowd's reaction. In essence, she's gone from getting by with her superior athleticism to becoming more of a 'thinking woman's wrestler.'

She's a terrific long-term investment due to her age and the fact that she's got the discipline of a martial artist. To go along with that, she's also got class and sass. Now, all she needs is a contract from WWE.

#4 - Ace Austin

Wrestling's ultimate poker player has a smooth ring style all his own. A newer recruit of The Bullet Club, he's also one of the top stars of IMPACT Wrestling today.

Austin's slick ring style was perfect for the promotion's legendary X-Division, as he has captured that championship three times. He was ranked no. 33 in the latest PWI 500, and his stock is rising every time he steps through the ropes. His growth in the few short years he's been with IMPACT is noticeable, and he's added layers to his character

At just 25, he's already a veteran of the wrestling industry, but still has huge upside and tons of future potential. It's time for him to tap into that potential on either RAW or SmackDown.

#3 - Alicia Atout could be either an announcer or a manager for WWE

Alicia Atout initially made her name from her vlog, AMBY (A Music Blog, Yeah?), where she began interviewing musicians and bands. The Canadian beauty would later include pro wrestling in her repertoire. It didn't take long before she gained the attention of IMPACT Wrestling due to her immense online popularity.

After a stint there, she made a handful of appearances for AEW before signing with Major League Wrestling. She crossed over from the realm of broadcasting to become a success as a manager.

At just 27 years old, Atout is multi-talented, beautiful, and already has a sharp mind for entertainment. Her background in being involved with other genres, and then crossing over into wrestling, is a testament to that. She could be valuable to WWE as a broadcaster, onscreen character, or as part of their digital coverage. She's truly a triple threat.

#2 - Franco Varga

Get out of this big man's way, because he's ready to change the world.

Varga, a 10-year veteran of the squared circle, could be the next great big man to join the ranks of NXT if offered a deal by WWE. Explosive power punctuates every single move this 275-pound warrior has in his repertoire.

Over the past several years, 'The Big Papi' has shed excess weight and sculpted it into muscle, upping his in-ring performance. He's dedicated himself to working a non-stop schedule, and it's shown in his development, especially recently. That's a huge reason why he's now a regular opponent for some of the very best wrestlers in the world.

Now he's ready to take it to the next level. Having successfully toured internationally and appeared for several major indies in the United States, he might be the most polished super heavyweight available on the market today.

WWE would be wise to invest in him. Then they can find out if he can overpower NXT like he has the rest of the world. Smart Money says that he CAN.

#1 - Adam Brooks

Australian performer Adam Brooks should have been signed to a WWE contract a long time ago, but he's chosen to stay based in his home country, at least for now.

WWE has always brought in talent from Down Under. Notable talents include Indi Hartwell, Buddy Matthews, and The IIconics. If given an opportunity on the global stage, Brooks would likely jump off a 'loose ledge' - all the way across the Pacific Ocean - for the opportunity. For the folks at Titan Towers, he would be worth every penny they sign him for.

Trained by his countryman Buddy Matthews, the 31-year-old Brooks's wild style would be a huge hit among American fans. He's a multi-talented grappler and is about as tough as it gets in the modern era.

Brooks is not well known to most mainstream American wrestling fans but has wrestled for Ring of Honor in the past. However, giving him a shot in prime time and on a global stage would be a mind-blowing experience for the fan base. He's a wrestling rock star, and it's time he did a nice long tour of the States, preferably in a WWE ring.

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