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5 most unselfish acts in WWE history

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The Hurricane defeats The Rock on Raw
The Hurricane defeats The Rock on Raw

It's no secret that professional wrestling is a ruthless business. Not many are tough enough to keep up with the backstage politics as well as the impact this job takes on a wrestler's body. It becomes incredibly hard for a Superstar to survive in this business without becoming a part of the game and playing it to their advantage.

If wrestling history is any indication, there have been countless wrestlers who made it a point to utilize their stardom to advance their careers, no matter the cost. Be it Hulk Hogan's refusal to put over Bret Hart after WrestleMania 9, or the notorious stories involving The Kliq, there's no dearth of instances that leave a bad taste in a fan's mouth. Several Superstars have been genuinely hated by their peers for putting themselves above everyone else throughout their career.

That's why it comes as a pleasant and wholesome surprise when one hears about a wrestler performing a selfless act. Let's take a look at 5 most selfless acts that we have witnessed over the years in professional wrestling.

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#5 JBL puts over Chavo Guerrero on the Eddie Guerrero tribute show


In November 2005, Eddie Guerrero passed away, leaving the wrestling world in utter shock and dismay. The following week, WWE held two tribute editions of Raw and SmackDown, where several wrestlers were seen breaking kayfabe on various occasions.

On the SmackDown tribute show, JBL lost a match to Chavo Guerrero. The Wrestling God was a major main event player at the time, while Chavo was a lower mid-carder at best. Despite Chavo repeatedly saying that JBL should go over, the on-screen villain didn't change his mind, and Chavo won the match that night.

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