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5 of the best photos from Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live this week (May 10, 2017)

Check out the best photos from WWE this week!

News 12 May 2017, 09:44 IST
Jinder Mahal stands tall to end Smackdown Live this week...

If you are a frequent visitor to WWE.com, you’ll notice the WWE post a lot of great photographs every day. This new weekly article will take a look at some of the best photos of the week from Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live.

The WWE is on their European tour and both Raw and Smackdown took place at the O2 Arena in London, England this week. Raw would continue to deal with the fallout of Payback; while Smackdown was looking ahead to Backlash in a little over a week.

Some of the highlights from Raw include: Sheamus and Cesaro surviving the Tag Team Turmoil to become #1 Contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championships, the feuds between Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman are far from over, and The Miz and Dean Ambrose were co-general managers for the evening.

On Smackdown Live, some of the major developments included Jinder Mahal earning a pinfall victory on Randy Orton as part of a six-man tag match, the match between Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura at Backlash is now official, and Breezango is on another case of the Fashion Files.

This week’s photos include two photos from Monday Night Raw and three photos from Smackdown Live.  Continue on to take a look at Nakamura’s charisma in action...

#5 Shinsuke Nakamura is done listening to Dolph Ziggler talk

Shinsuke was ready to fight this week, but Dolph wasn’t...

Dolph Ziggler would continue to direct verbal jabs towards Shinsuke Nakamura this week. His problem was that the WWE is making a big deal about Nakamura when he’s yet to wrestle a match on Smackdown Live yet.

The photo above captures Nakamura’s charisma perfectly as he snatched the microphone from Dolph and declared that he’s ready to fight now. Ziggler would respond by saying that he only fights on his own time and confirmed they will have their match at Backlash.  

They are taking it slow with Nakamura, but it hasn't dampened the WWE Universe’s interest in Nakamura as the WWE is doing a good job at leaving them wanting more.

#4 The Face of America in front of The Face of America

Kevin Owens didn’t look too happy this week

Three huge feuds were the main focus of Smackdown Live this week as the six men involved would start the show and end up in the main event of a six-man tag. The “Face of America” and United States Champion Kevin Owens may have the best feud on the show with #1 contender, AJ Styles.

Owens has done great with The “Face of America” gimmick since his first title reign this year. The TitanTron and new video ramp have his face plastered on them like he is running for office. If you watch his entrance closely, you’ll notice that he always avoids stepping on his own face.

This is a great picture of his entrance this week showing his smug look on the Tron and a less than pleased look on his face LIVE.  

#3 A great angle of how vicious Jack Gallagher’s headbutt is

Jack Gallagher travelled back home to the UK this week

Over the past several weeks, a great feud has developed between four of the top stars of 205 Live. Neville and Austin Aries have been battling for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship while pulling Jack Gallagher and TJP in the middle of it.

Gallagher and TJP battled on Monday Night Raw this week. Though it was a short match, it had a major impact when TJP attacked the knee of Jack with his trademark kneebar. 

During the match, Gallagher delivered his own trademark move in the form of a vicious headbutt. The photographer caught that attack at just the right moment with the above photo.

They definitely look brutal on television, and one has to wonder if Jack knocks himself silly when delivering those strikes.

#2 Sami Zayn shows off his flexibility on the ropes

The Singh Brothers had a front row seat to witness Sami Zayn’s agility

Many supporters of Sami Zayn will agree that he didn’t get a fair shake on Monday Night Raw. After having one of the best matches of the year against Kevin Owens at Battleground last year, Owens would go on to become Universal Champion and Zayn was left off the next pay per view.

Zayn gets a fresh opportunity in the main event scene with his move to Smackdown Live. His first main feud on the blue brand is with the up and coming Superstar, Baron Corbin.

As mentioned before, Zayn was a part of the six-man tag main event this week. This photo showcases Zayn’s amazing agility and flexibility in the ring. Corbin is a tall wrestler but Zayn was able to use the ropes and deliver a kick to the side of Corbin’s head.

#1 Seth Rollins somehow delivers a Falcon Arrow on Samoa Joe

The Falcon Arrow is impressive, but when it’s done on Samoa Joe, it’s amazing!

If there was one positive from the minor injury Seth Rollins suffered on Samoa Joe’s debut, it is that this feud is still happening. When Joe took Rollins down for the Coquina Clutch in January, it put Rollins on the shelf for a few weeks leading up to WrestleMania.  

This pushed the timetable of this feud to start after WrestleMania. Rollins got away with a roll-up win at Payback, and that enabled the feud to continue this week.

In their match, Rollins performed his signature Falcon Arrow manoeuvre; which was brilliantly captured in the photo above. It was a thing of beauty to see Rollins get the bigger Joe up for this move and execute it to perfection.

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