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5 options for Jon Moxley in All Elite Wrestling

Rohit Nath
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He's here!
He's here!

Well, with All Elite Wrestling's Double or Nothing PPV officially in the books, it certainly lived up to the hype and more, it could be argued. The biggest rumours heading into AEW's Double or Nothing was the potential debut of Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley or even CM Punk.

While CM Punk's return was all but forgone thanks to him addressing it, Jon Moxley isn't exactly known to be social media-savvy. He did take to Twitter a few weeks ago to reveal the return of the "Jon Moxley" persona, leading to a lot of speculation.

Most importantly, the dice on the video showed the numbers "2" and "5", indicating May 25th - the date of Double or Nothing. Moxley did show up after the main event, where Chris Jericho defeated Kenny Omega clean.

He went through the crowd and took out both Omega and Jericho, making a statement in a BIG WAY. With all eyes on Moxley and All Elite Wrestling, here are the five best options for him.

#5. Being the face of AEW

Jon Moxley could get the spotlight
Jon Moxley could get the spotlight

Jon Moxley may have the chance of stardom that he never had at WWE. Sure, he was one of the top 5 most pushed superstars in WWE while he was there, but it was very clear that he was never looked at as the #1 guy in the franchise.

While it would be a no-brainer to make Kenny Omega the eventual face of the franchise, Jericho beating Omega clean seemed to indicate that The Cleaner won't be occupying that top spot just yet.

Obviously, he will be a consistently featured top star, but Cody Rhodes, Tony Khan and AEW might take a chance on Jon Moxley by allowing him to portray an entirely different persona. It could do wonders!

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