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5 interesting facts you didn't know about WWE Superstar Rowan

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The more you know...
The more you know...

WWE Superstar Rowan was behind the attacks that could have ended Roman Reigns’ career. In recent weeks, we saw this former member of Wyatt Family manhandling Reigns. He also turned on his ‘friend’ Daniel Bryan and not much of that friendship was left when he put the latter through the announce table.

With his actions, Rowan sent a message to the entire WWE Universe that he answers to no one but himself. He is now set to face the 'Big Dog' at Clash of Champions and the tension between these two Superstars is mounting with each passing day.

During their brawl on this week’s SmackDown Live, Rowan lifted a fan and tossed him at Roman Reigns who was surrounded by the security guards. He also used hit Reigns with a piece of equipment to ensure that his opponent knows what he signed up for.

Given his recent run, it looks like Rowan is determined to carry out acts that will fetch 'Holy Sh*t' chants from the fans. As he is heading towards a crucial fight with Reigns, we have a list of lesser-known things about the 6’ 8’’ Superstar.

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#5 Rowan is a trained guitarist

He can make you dance to his tunes. Literally!
He can make you dance to his tunes. Literally!

There are several WWE Superstars such as Chris Jericho and Elias who have openly shared their musical skills with the WWE Universe. But the one person who is rarely spotted playing an instrument is Rowan. It may surprise if you ever catch Rowan breaking a tune on his guitar.

Rowan is fond of music and learned how to play guitar when he was young. He is professionally trained and likes playing guitar to relax himself. His understanding of music is often credited to his intellect as he reportedly has an IQ over 140.

Rowan is considered to be highly intelligent by several Superstars backstage. During one of the interviews, Rowan was asked to solve a Rubik’s cube within a minute and he effortlessly obliged.

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