5 Reasons why The Kliq STILL runs WWE and the world of professional wrestling

The five WWE Superstars dubbed
The five WWE Superstars dubbed 'The Kliq' became kings of an industry that they still rule today

Never in the history of WWE have five men altered the course of professional wrestling like The Kliq. The five-man crew consisting of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman and (of course) Triple H are an incredibly powerful group of talent.

From their days forming in the mid-90's in WWE to today, The Kliq has been part of some of the biggest moments in sports entertainment - both in AND out of the ring.

Along with the five main players were names like Justin Credible, Louie Spicolli, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, who came along and befriended the group later, or were sort of auxiliary members of the faction.

So if you look at this group as a whole, along with those they have influenced, you have to admit that they have, and continue to, steer this ship called the S.S. Pro Wrestling. Here are five reasons why The Kliq still rules WWE and the professional wrestling world in general.

#5 - The late, great Scott Hall is still influencing the world of professional wrestling, even after his untimely passing

There are so many things that we know about when it comes to the legendary Scott Hall's career.

A former multi-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, he is not only a founding member of The Kliq, but the nWo as well. His slow walk to the ring and straightforward speech started a wrestling revolution. As the former Razor Ramon walked through the crowd, he grabbed the mic and uttered the phrase: "You want a war? Well, now you got one."

With that... The Monday Night Wars were born, with Hall at the center of the whole thing.

Not only did he have a great career of his own, but his brilliant mind also came up with angles for other performers as well. Most notably, Hall is credited with coming up with Sting's 'crow' gimmick, which he still uses in AEW to this day.

Every time you see someone execute a version of one of his moves, or deliver an especially realistic promo, they will always be compared to this all-world entertainer. His legacy lives on. Forever.

#4 - Sean Waltman is still an influential performer and talker

A million cruiserweights may have been inspired by Rey Mysterio, but their ring style is probably more like Sean Waltman's. He ended up having about a five-year head start on Rey here in the States, as he made his name in the early 90's.

The youngster began gaining attention as a frequent opponent of Jerry Lynn on the indie circuit. He would travel to WWE and become the ultimate underdog as the 1-2-3 Kid. His first run was the stuff of legend, but it was the second half of his career where things really took off.

Waltman became the bad boy of WCW's cruiserweight division, routinely beating down his contemporaries in the role of Syxx, a member of the nWo.

Later, when Waltman was fired by WCW, he re-surfaced as X-Pac. He was a member of D-Generation X, and it was this era that really cemented him as an all-time great. He's a two-time WWE Hall of Famer as part of both of those famed factions.

Up until around a year ago, he had one of the coolest podcasts out there, called X-Pac 1-2-360. He's highly respected not only for his talents and knowledge of wrestling, but for the personal issues he has conquered in life.

Waltman is a shining example for anyone who has battled depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts. He walked through the fire and came out on the other side whole. And that is to be highly commended. Any time a fan has a chance to hear him speak or do an interview, it's compelling and a must-listen.

#3 - Kliq This! with Kevin Nash is the hottest new podcast in the internet wrestling community

Big Sexy was always a cool customer behind the mic during his time with the nWo. Now the former WWE Champion is using his masterful powers of vocalization to tell the story of his career, his thoughts on pro wrestling today, and some politics, pop culture and general talk. His podcast, Kliq This, has been an instant sensation.

Kevin Nash's opinion still carries a lot of weight, given the fact that he's not just one of the biggest stars of the Monday Night Wars, but also because he's made the transition to Hollywood. His success with the Magic Mike franchise is a testament to his ability to be a chameleon; he can change his colors to fit any situation.

Nash is a bright, focused individual with his fair share of strong beliefs. However, he has reason and logic to back up his takes, so he's an easy listen. Even if you don't always agree with Big Daddy Cool, he's still entertaining.

Look for Nash's show to dominate the wrestling talk scene in 2023. He and co-host Sean Oliver are that good, and they're really just getting started. Kliq This is a home run, and before it's all said and done, Nash is going to turn it into a grand slam.

#2 - Shawn Michaels is now fully driving the car in NXT, and he's planning for the curves ahead

We all know that Shawn Michaels' is arguably the most dynamic performer to ever step between the ropes. His penchant for coming up big in money matches made him one of wrestling's most eternally awesome entertainers.

After one of the most decorated and celebrated careers ever, The Heartbreak Kid is now using his vast knowledge and experience to shape NXT. He is clearly the closest ally that Triple H has, and his most trusted confidante. Closer than brothers, the two founding members of D-Generation X now rule WWE together.

So, the two guys who once broke all the rules are now the authority figures in WWE. As Alanis Morissette might say: It's a little bit ironic, don't ya think?

#1 - WWE revolves around Triple H now, and he's making all the right moves

Much like his friend Shawn Michaels, Triple H's vast accomplishments are so numerous that they deserve a story in and among themselves. His status is that golden.

The 14-time world champion has achieved the same level of success outside of the ring. He's not just a wrestler, but also an actor, regular talk show guest, a host of TV specials, and (of course) a backstage presence in terms of WWE's creative team. Now, he's the man who is trying to fill the rather large shoes left behind by the departure of his father-in-law, CEO Vince McMahon.

So far, Triple H has received a resounding thumbs up from the WWE Universe. The Man Who Made NXT is now replicating the same blueprint for the company's main roster: Less talk, more action, and a sprinkle of intrigue. It's led to a surge in ratings and fan interest.

Creatively speaking, The Game is the most powerful man in the industry today. He turns the wheels of the two biggest programs in American pro wrestling, and he's winning any war against the doubters and naysayers. This is not nepotism... it's the product of years of dedication and hard work. Now, Triple H is reaping the rewards of those years and the experience he has attained.

All five of wrestling's most notorious band of backstage brothers have shaped - and will continue to shape - the WWE Universe and beyond. Their talent in the ring has only been matched by their business acumen outside of it.

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