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5 reasons why Batista retired at WrestleMania 35

Rohit Nath
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Well, it's now official. Batista has announced his retirement from pro wrestling/sports entertainment and WWE

Triple H gave him what he wanted in the form of a WrestleMania match. The two would put on quite a long match and it turned out to be a no-nonsense contest that just involved two bitter rivals trying to rip each other's heads off.

The stipulation of the match was not just No Holds Barred, but if Triple H lost, he would have to retire from pro wrestling for good. What many didn't realize was that Batista was seemingly ready to retire himself.

So he did what any old school wrestler would and he put someone over on the way out. While some would probably argue that he could have done so to a younger star, the reality is that Batista had no interest in wrestling the younger talent. We explain why and more with these five reasons for Batista retiring.

#5. He was only ever interested in facing Triple H

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Here's the reality of it. Batista during his time away has been very open about his love for wrestling and desire to get back in the ring. However, what he was really open about was the fact that there was only one program that interested him - against Triple H.

He probably felt like he needed to have one last program with him. For more reasons than one, he was unable to get that program, primarily because Triple H was more focused on putting over younger talent three years in a row.

It certainly gave all of them a big rub, and this year, Triple H didn't have a program tailor-made for him. This was perfect timing and they capitalized with the Batista vs Triple H feud. Now that he's done with that, he probably sees no reason to continue.

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