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5 reasons why Vince McMahon will never push Braun Strowman again following his injury

Rohit Nath
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The end of a push?
The end of a push?

Braun Strowman was written off television indefinitely after the July 1st episode of RAW. He was involved in a Falls Count Anywhere with Bobby Lashley and naturally, the battle of the two behemoths went outside the ring and right through the LED board.

We've seen people crash through the LED board but we have never seen anything like this. The electrical fuses went off and it sure was a sight to behold. Both Strowman and Lashley were written off, but we do believe that Lashley will return in short order.

As for Strowman, it maybe a bit longer. There were reports just a couple of days prior that he was dealing with nagging injuries either to the knee or leg. While it's not uncommon for WWE superstars to work through injuries, WWE probably made the best decision to write him off TV and allow him to heal for a bit.

However, this injury may not benefit Strowman at all. He's had some of the worst luck in 2019 and we unfortunately believe that his push is officially over and that he will never get the kind of push that he got in 2017-2018. Here are five reasons why he'll never be pushed again.

#5. The Giant's curse

Braun Strowman fell victim to The Giant's curse
Braun Strowman fell victim to The Giant's curse

If you are to ask yourself: "Who is the greatest big man in WWE history?" - the answer is probably going to be The Undertaker or Andre The Giant. Not that WWE have never had any great "Big Men" before, but the reality is that they really don't have much of an idea as to how to book big men.

The Big Show himself admitted that WWE never knew how to book him. Think about this. Hardly a month into his WWF run, he was pinned clean by 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin on an episode of RAW. That would make fans outraged today and Strowman just inevitably fell victim to WWE's inability to properly book big men.

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