5 Reasons why Otis winning the briefcase hasn't worked out for WWE

Mr. Money in the Bank 2020
Mr. Money in the Bank 2020
Modified 06 Aug 2020
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Depending on your level of fandom for WWE Superstar Otis, you either loved his win at Money in the Bank or it disappointed you. I'm of the latter school of thought. While he is funny and a different kind of WWE Superstar, his win felt way too rushed in my opinion.

He didn't even climb the ladder to retrieve the briefcase as he was in the right place at the right time to catch it after King Corbin and AJ Styles fumbled it. With that, Otis became WWE's Mr. Money in the Bank 2020. He has teased cashing in on Braun Strowman a few times, but failed to do so in each attempt.

While I disliked the outcome both immediately and a few days after it happened, I'm even more confident now that giving him this year's briefcase was a mistake.

About two months have passed since he was victorious and he's barely been on WWE programming since winning the guaranteed title shot. One reason is because some of the stars he's been involved with like Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were on a boat trip at the end of June.

We will see what he and Rose have been up to lately, but the way that the SmackDown main-event picture is currently structured, Otis looks completely out of place.

He will look even more out of place if he successfullly cashes in the briefcase. Here are five reasons why having Otis win the briefcase is turning out to be a mistake for WWE.

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#5 He has a very limited move set

The big guy needs a new finishing move if he is to be a singles star
The big guy needs a new finishing move if he is to be a singles star

Otis is a great comedic performer, but that has become a little more one-note these days. You will often get three, four or even five "Oh Yeahs!" in one appearance from the big man, and if he's with Mandy Rose, the word "peach" is also tossed around a lot.

That limited variety also extends itself to the ring. While he is a powerful man who can body slam almost everyone, he has one of the most limited move sets in all of WWE. He knocks people over while running into them, has elbow and hand strikes, and a few other moves. Many other stars in WWE have a plethora of moves to pull out and use.

If we are to take him seriously as a viable threat to either brand's major Champion, he desperately needs a new finisher. The Caterpillar, albeit funny in small doses, is more like the People's Elbow.

It is a good move to pop the crowd, but the Rock ended matches with the Rock Bottom. In some of his recent matches, including his match against Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 36, he won with the Caterpillar.

If we as fans and analysts are supposed to take him seriously as a future WWE Champ, then he needs a more varied move set and a better finisher. It's something that can certainly happen.

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Published 02 Aug 2020
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