5 superstars Triple H must push following the WWE Draft 2024

Triple H can give a major push to well-deserved stars following WWE Draft (Source:WWE)
Triple H can give a major push to well-deserved stars following WWE Draft (Source:WWE)

As the dust settles on the 2024 WWE Draft after Night 2, fans are eagerly anticipating the next rivalries and storylines as the deck has been shuffled. While some superstars remained in familiar spots, others have found themselves in completely unfamiliar ones. With Triple H leading the creative charge, everyone is wondering: who will succeed in this exciting new era?

Under the King of Kings reign, there are a few undiscovered talents that need a big push. These exceptionally gifted individuals exhibit the charisma, ring expertise, and indisputable star power necessary to emerge as the forthcoming generation of main event attractions. Without more delay, let's dive into the 5 Superstars that Triple H must push after the 2024 WWE Draft!

#5. Naomi could use more glory days after the WWE Draft

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Naomi has always attracted admirers with her enthusiastic personality and undeniable skill. But there haven't been many championship possibilities. The former SmackDown Women's Champion's moment may finally come under Triple H, who is well-known for his focus on the women's division. Just picture a ferocious babyface run, driven only by the will to achieve the peak. Naomi has been drafted to SmackDown during the WWE Draft.

Naomi may turn heel and compete for the Women's Championship, or she might work on a fascinating segment with an experienced wrestler who is making a comeback, like Charlotte Flair. A compelling storyline and a dominant championship reign may make Naomi a genuine mainstay of the women's division on RAW or SmackDown. She will now fight for the Women's Championship in a three-way match with Bayley and Tiffany Stratton at Backlash.

With the right backstory that shows her power and wrestling skills, she can become a mainstay on SmackDown thanks to the 2024 WWE Draft.

#4. WWE Draft should breathe new life into Sheamus

Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior, is a seasoned veteran, yet his fury and fighting skills in the ring are still impressive. Even though RAW has a rich singles division, Sheamus would become an impressive opponent for anyone. Experienced, hard-hitting wrestlers like Sheamus have always been valuable to Triple H. The Irish star just returned after being on hiatus due to injury.

Sheamus's return may reignite long-standing rivalries, which will only add to the atmosphere of anticipation. Imagine the tension he felt with his bitter rival and old friend, Drew McIntyre. They had infamous clashes in the past filled with Claymores and Brogue Kicks. He can also have a great feud with Bron Breakker who is new to the main roster and seen as the next Brock Lesnar.

Triple H could revive this rivalry with a new twist thanks to the WWE Draft. Either they'll have to put their differences aside and work together, or they'll have to face off in a career-defining fight. Another possibility is that Sheamus and CM Punk may face off on RAW, igniting a fresh rivalry between the two skilled wrestlers. With Sheamus's return to the red brand, we can look forward to intriguing storylines and thrilling matches!

#3. Ricochet could move up the card

Ricochet has always been popular because of his aerial antics, and he may get his opportunity to shine on RAW thanks to the WWE Draft. He is consistently in the Intercontinental Title picture and also recently feuded with United States Champion Logan Paul.

Ricochet could put on epic feuds with top wrestlers like Dominik Mysterio or Seth Rollins. It would be fascinating to see Ricochet's aerial skills pitted against Rollins' strategic offensive or Mysterio's high-risk lucha libre background, considering their styles are so different.

Ricochet may finally find his calling under Triple H, who has always emphasized spectacular in-ring storytelling. Imagine a thrilling rivalry that builds up to a shocking RAW main event—the kind of show that would have the whole WWE Universe on the edge of its seat.

#2. Andrade El Idolo must push for a singles identity after the WWE Draft

The mid-card action got a shot of charm and foreign flare with Andrade El Idolo's selection on SmackDown during the WWE Draft. Even though the blue brand has a tremendous roster, Andrade stands out because of his charm and lucha libre experience. A matchup with a developing talent like Santos Escobar might spark an explosive lucha libre demonstration, while a rivalry with an experienced veteran such as Shinsuke Nakamura could be a masterpiece in technical skill.

It would not be surprising if Andrade became the next Latino phenomenon to dominate SmackDown thanks to his charismatic in-ring approach and visible presence.

#1. Bron Breakker needs to make a proper main roster impact

Bron Breakker has made his intentions known by making an appearance on RAW during the WWE Draft. Breakker is well-equipped to become a future main eventer with his massive frame, immense strength, and remarkable agility. In Bron Breakker, RAW now has a youthful, dominating force. Envision intense power conflicts between Breakker and more seasoned players like Bobby Lashley and McIntyre.

Breakker's potential as an upcoming "monster heel" for RAW and his potential danger to the WWE could be shown in these encounters. Big stars have benefited from Triple H's push in the past.

Breakker has the potential to be a long-term powerhouse in RAW's heavyweight division with the right guidance and strong matchups. He may need to overcome seasoned pros, show off his skills against other up-and-coming superstars like Austin Theory, or even take a shot at the mid-card title to establish himself as a real contender. He could also look to feud with The Judgment Day members.

All five of the superstars listed here are very gifted and well-liked, and they could easily emerge as the next big thing. Their amazing brand experiences may now begin thanks to the foundation created by the 2024 Draft. If Triple H uses them well, they might last at the top of the card for a very long time.

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