5 Things WWE NXT got right this week: Veteran’s house invaded, returning superstar picks up a big win

Fans are ready for the big match at WWE NXT Stand & Deliver.
Fans are ready for the big match at WWE NXT Stand & Deliver.

Johnny Gargano was set to show up on WWE NXT this week and address fans regarding his match against Grayson Waller. Apollo Crews and Dabba-Kato were also scheduled to kick-start their rivalry with a match on Tuesday.

Pretty Deadly also challenged Gallus for the NXT Tag Team Championship on the show. Meanwhile, Roxanne Perez’s future was addressed by her doctor and Shawn Michaels.

Wes Lee appeared to defend his title in an open challenge on Tuesday. However, a brawl broke out involving several top superstars, leading to the announcement of a multi-man match for the title down the line.

The main event of the show saw Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes make their match for Stand & Deliver official. They will likely put on a great show at the upcoming event.

Check out the five things WWE NXT got right on this week’s show.

#5. Johnny Gargano spoke his heart out before Grayson Waller invaded his house

Johnny Gargano kicked off WWE NXT, and fans were thrilled to see him back in the arena. The returning superstar spoke about his upcoming match against Grayson Waller. Gargano said that the heel ruined his last night in NXT, and he was back to take him down.

Before The Rebel Heart could say much more, Vic Joseph approached him and showed him a live stream of Waller at Gargano’s house. The former North American Champion watched the video and rushed out of the arena to end the segment.

Later in the night, Johnny Wrestling arrived at his house, and Waller attacked him in the yard. The Aussie beat down Gargano with a rake and broke it on his back. Candice LeRae appeared on the front porch with their baby and tried to get the heel to stop the madness.

The two segments built up the rivalry and match between the two superstars. There is enough history between them, and it was great to see a heel like Grayson make things extremely personal. Johnny Wrestling will come out with all guns blazing at Stand & Deliver and hopefully deliver a match similar to the ones he had against Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole.

#4. Gallus retained their WWE NXT Tag Team Championship

Gallus threw everything at Pretty Deadly on WWE NXT.
Gallus threw everything at Pretty Deadly on WWE NXT.

Gallus defended their WWE NXT Tag Team Championship against Pretty Deadly on the show. The champs took control of the match early before Elton Prince escaped the ring.

Kit Wilson tagged in and worked on Gallus for some time before getting a couple of near-falls. Mark Coffey hit a big body drop as the action picked up. Pretty Deadly isolated Coffey for some time, but he eventually made the tag to Wolfgang.

The big man came in and cleared the ring, hitting a few of his signature moves. Prince distracted the referee while Wilson hit Coffey with the title belt. The heels tried to hit Spilt Milk, but Wolfgang interfered to save his partner. The champions recovered to hit their finisher for the win.

The match was good, and both teams gave their best. WWE could have saved this match for Stand & Deliver, but it looks like Gallus will face some bigger challenges at the show.

#3. Zoey Stark qualified for the NXT Women’s Championship Ladder Match

Zoey Stark inched closer to the WWE NXT Women's Championship on Tuesday.
Zoey Stark inched closer to the WWE NXT Women's Championship on Tuesday.

Shawn Michaels announced that Roxanne Perez would be unable to defend her title for some time. Therefore, an NXT Women’s Championship Ladder Match was announced for Stand & Deliver.

The first match to decide who will compete in the ladder match occurred on Tuesday. Zoey Stark faced Sol Ruca and took control of the contest early. She hit some big moves before sending her opponent outside the ring. Stark kept the pressure on with some big elbow strikes and locked in a submission hold.

Ruca fought back with a few big moves, and a power slam nearly earned her the win. She hit a moonsault and went for a springboard dive, but Stark caught her. She hit her signature knee lift on Ruca to earn the win.

Stark has been one of the most consistent performers in the NXT Women’s locker room. She deserves to compete in some big matches and maybe even win the title. She put up another solid performance that earned her the win on Tuesday.

#2. Dabba-Kato scored an important win on the episode

Apollo Crews could not put down his former friend on WWE NXT.
Apollo Crews could not put down his former friend on WWE NXT.

A grudge match between Apollo Crews and Dabba-Kato kicked off on WWE NXT. Crews looked to do some damage to the big man early on and sent him into the barricades before the match began.

The two brawled for some time before Kato took control and sent Crews into the ring. After the match got going, both men exited the ring again, and Crews sent Kato into the steel steps.

The big man recovered to hit a big boot in the ring before taking Crews down with some big moves. The former Intercontinental Champion fired back and lifted Kato for a big slam before getting the frog splash for a near fall.

The two men headed outside the ring again, where Kato dropped Crews on the steel steps. Back in the ring, he hit a double chokeslam against his former leader for the win.

The two men made the match extremely physical. That is exactly what was expected of them to make their rivalry seem bitter. It was a good contest where Dabba-Kato picked up a much-needed win.

#1. Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes signed the contract for their much-awaited match

Pretty Deadly chose themselves as the hosts for WWE NXT Stand & Deliver later this month. The tag team came out to fill the role of hosts when Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker got into the ring for their NXT Championship match contract signing.

Breakker said he wanted to face Melo at his best before Kit Wilson and Elton Prince cracked a few jokes. The A Champion also said that he wanted to face Bron in all his glory to prove that he was better than him.

Pretty Deadly continued to make some jokes as the two competitors signed the contract and shook hands. They were about to leave the ring when Wilson and Prince stopped them for some drama. Instead, they beat down the former NXT Tag Team Champions and put them through the table to end the segment.

It looks like Bron and Carmelo will team up for a tag team match against Pretty Deadly before Stand & Deliver. This will surely test their chemistry and allow them to work together before the title match.

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