5 Things WWE NXT got right this week: Warning sent to Hall of Famer; Surprise return

Bron Breakker will soon face Carmello Hayes on WWE NXT
Bron Breakker was in action on WWE NXT

Several matches and segments were preannounced for the latest episode of WWE NXT. The show kicked off with a high-profile match between Trick Williams and the returning Ilja Dragunov.

Jacy Jayne was also ready to make a statement as she took on Indi Hartwell in a match on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Alba Fyre put down Ivy Nile in a quick match on the show.

Tony D'Angelo defeated Von Wagner in a match that helped push him forward. After the win, The Don challenged Dijak to a Jailhouse Street Fight for NXT Roadblock. D'Angelo is on the right path to recovering his value on the brand, and he looks ready for some big matches on the show.

Dabba Kato also appeared in a backstage segment and said that Apollo Crews left him high and dry for months. Kato was set to teach Crews a lesson on the upcoming episodes of the show.

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Take a look at the five things WWE NXT got right on this week's show.

#5. Ilja Dragunov taught Trick Williams a lesson to kick off WWE NXT

The Czar was dominant on WWE NXT.
The Czar was dominant on WWE NXT.

Trick Williams kicked off the night with a match against Ilja Dragunov on WWE NXT. Williams took a cheap shot at Dragunov before the match started and looked to gain some unfair advantage early on.

The former United Kingdom Champion hit back with some stiff strikes, but a jab to the eye slowed him down once again. JD McDonagh came out to join the commentary team and distracted Dragunov in the process.

The Czar did not lose focus for long and hit his opponent with a few running knees before getting a knee drop. He finished off Williams with the Torpedo Moskau for the win. Dragunov and McDonagh had a face-off before the segment came to an end.

Williams has improved over the past few months and put on a good showing alongside Ilja, who was the star. WWE is slowly building towards a grudge match between JD and Ilja that will likely highlight the upcoming NXT Roadblock event.

#4. Gigi Dolin returned to get back at Jacy Jayne

Jacy Jayne faced off against Indi Hartwell in a match that was set up last week on WWE NXT. Many fans believed that the match was simply set up to award Jayne a win and push her ahead as a solo heel in the women's division.

The former Toxic Attraction member took control of the match early and locked her opponent in a side headlock. Hartwell fought back and used her strength to take her down with a spine buster for a near fall.

Jayne hit a cannonball and stomped down on her opponent in the corner. It looked like she was ready to pick up the win before Gigi Dolin returned to attack her from behind. The two fought out of the ring, and Jayne ran out of the arena.

The match wasn't anything special and simply set up Dolin's return. WWE did not waste too much time in bringing her back, and it looks like the two women will have their first match against each other at NXT Roadblock.

#3. Pretty Deadly laid waste to Gallus after their win on WWE NXT

Gallus' win was overshadowed by the attack.
Gallus' win was overshadowed by the attack.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade competed against WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus in a non-title match this week. Gallus looked to showcase their dominance over the tag team division of the brand as they took control of the match early.

Blade was isolated for some time and was hit with many big moves before two Pretty Deadly impersonators walked out with a big cake. The distraction allowed Enofe to tag in and hit a dive to the outside and an elbow drop for a near fall.

Blade and Enofe's resistance did not last too long, as Gallus was simply too good for them. The NXT Tag Team Champions isolated Blade again and hit their finisher for the win.

Pretty Deadly wanted to celebrate the anniversary of Gallus' loss to them, but Wolfgang and Mark Coffey attacked the presenters. The heels fired back and took them down with steel chairs before driving them into the steel post and steel steps to end the segment.

The tag team division of the brand has always been strong, and it looks like another great championship match will light up the upcoming NXT Roadblock event. Pretty Deadly is currently the most established tag team on the roster that can give Gallus a tough fight.

#2. Bron Breakker overcame Jinder Mahal to retain his title

Bron Breakker had another successful title defense.
Bron Breakker had another successful title defense.

Bron Breakker faced one of his toughest challenges yet in the form of Jinder Mahal on WWE NXT. Jinder matched Bron's strength right after the opening bell, and both men took each other down with clotheslines.

Indus Sher was at ringside trying to help out Mahal during the contest. This brought out the Creed Brothers, who attacked Veer and Sanga to level the playing field.

Mahal stayed on the front foot and hit Breakker with some good moves before sending him into the steel steps outside the ring. He hit a suplex and hit a knee before Breakker came back with a Frankensteiner.

The former WWE Champion went for Khallas, but Breakker reversed it into a Spear for the win. The match was a good test for Bron, who has proven to be a fighting champion. He has overcome several big stars in his current reign and looks set to make history with the title in hand.

#1. Grayson Waller sent a message to Shawn Michaels to end the show

Carmello Hayes showed up on the balcony after Bron Breakker retained his WWE NXT Championship against Jinder Mahal. He made it clear that he was coming for the championship sooner rather than later.

However, their staredown was interrupted by Grayson Waller, who was in the production truck. The heel invited Shawn Michaels to the Grayson Waller Effect at NXT Roadblock before the show went off-air.

Breakker vs. Hayes will be one of the best title matches fans will get this year. Both men have proven themselves on different levels, and it's time for them to go head-to-head in singles competition.

Meanwhile, Waller's invitation to Michaels seems to be very interesting. He already failed to defeat Tyler Bate last week after disrespecting the Hall of Famer. HBK may not be returning to the ring for a match against Waller, but he could bring along a fitting competitor to shut the heel once and for all.

What did you make of NXT this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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