5 Things WWE subtly told us on RAW: Triple H possibly looking to break up 3-Time Tag Team Champions, another released superstar returns for mysterious storyline

Edge and Rey Mysterio (left); Seth Rollins (right)
Edge and Rey Mysterio (left); Seth Rollins (right)
Rohit Nath

Welcome to this week's edition of things WWE subtly told us on RAW. This was only the second episode in August, and things are already looking exciting with the new creative direction.

A lot happened on RAW this week, and it was entertaining from start to finish. We are interested in seeing what Triple H has planned, and it's something we are finding out week after week as there seem to be an increasing number of returns.

So what did WWE subtly tell us on the red brand this week? Keep reading to find out:

#5. The Seth Rollins-Street Profits mini-feud has serious implications

Shout-out to @WWERollins for putting up 2 bangers 2 weeks in a row against The #StreetProfits!#WWE #WWERaw

While Riddle has been away, Seth Rollins has been occupied with the former RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits. Last week and this one, he faced Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins respectively, putting on two great matches.

This is not happening by chance. It seems to be a subtle message that Triple H is testing the waters with a potential Street Profits break-up, especially with all the talk of how much potential Montez Ford has.

It will be interesting to see how things play out. But the act of breaking the three-time champions up seems to be building steam now.

#4. The car crash on RAW and the fallout

RAW was eclipsed this week by a background storyline that many didn't even realize was happening until later on. In numerous instances, such as Kevin Owens' promo, there was a clear sight of a car having crashed backstage, with Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. inspecting the damage.

It was only at the end of the night, after AJ Styles defeated The Miz in the main event, that fans realized what was happening. And it was the return of yet another released star - Dexter Lumis.

This seems to be another statement by Triple H, but it's also a way of adding Lumis to the roster and beginning a new storyline. Where it will lead we can't tell. But that's the beauty of an intriguing storyline.

#3. Dominik Mysterio was written off TV for a big reunion

.@RheaRipley_WWE once again showing everyone Who's Papi!#WWE #WWERaw

Dominik Mysterio is made to look bad quite often on TV. This week, he shoved Edge and refused to accept his apology for the accidental spear last week.

Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio faced Finn Balor and lost despite Edge coming out and helping him take care of Damian Priest. Rhea Ripley, however, brought out Dominik Mysterio who she beat up and assisted Finn Balor in his victory.

This seems to be a way for WWE to write Dominik out so that Edge and Rey Mysterio can have a reunion after nearly 20 years at Clash at the Castle.

#2. No sign of Johnny Gargano on RAW... or was there?

Sometimes,you gotta Do It Yourself!Manifesting a DIY reunion ๐Ÿ™#WWE #WWERaw @NXTCiampa

Many fans expected that the US Title match on RAW would be influenced by a returning Johnny Gargano. Gargano left WWE despite being offered a contract extension and has wisely opted not to sign with AEW yet.

Ciampa vs Bobby Lashley was a banger of a match, and while Gargano technically didn't return and Lashley retained instead, there was a subtle reference. Ciampa applied the Gargano escape and Corey Graves sprouted the line "Sometimes when you're looking for a submission, you have to do it yourself".

If this wasn't a reference to Johnny Gargano making his main roster debut, then we don't know what is.

#1. Kevin Owens' subtle but important character change on RAW

Welcome back to THE KEVIN OWENS SHOW!#WWE #WWERaw @FightOwensFight

Kevin Owens faced Ezekiel on RAW and definitively ended their feud. Owens would brutalize Ezekiel and the latter was stretchered off to a local medical facility.

Owens would also have an interesting character change as he returned to the old-school, serious version of himself while transitioning out of his comedy character.

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