5 times Vince McMahon was forced to make a superstar World Champion

Vince McMahon is a former WWF Champion in his own right
Vince McMahon is a former WWF Champion in his own right
Rohit Nath

To become a World Champion in WWE, you need to be an extraordinary superstar. Every wrestler who laces a pair of boots dreams about being a World Champion in WWE someday, but not everyone gets to achieve it.

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It's an accolade reserved only for an elite few, and in order to be crowned world champion, Vince McMahon needs to believe that you're World Championship material. Over the years, there have been so many different World Champions, many of them being handpicked. However, there were the exceptional few who made a believer out of Vince McMahon, who decided it was the right time to make them World Champion.

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But as we know, he has a reputation of being a bit stubborn and many superstars who were deserving of being world champions never really got the opportunity. However, there were a few rare cases where McMahon's back was against the corner and against his own judgment, he was essentially forced to make them world champions. Here are a few such cases.

#5. Daniel Bryan - WrestleMania XXX

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania 30 main event triumph will always go down as one of the all-time great moments of the event. It was the perfect underdog story, where the hero ended up prevailing.

On-screen, Bryan had to go through a lot of obstacles, but in reality, Vince McMahon didn't believe that Bryan was World Championship material, despite the fact that he had won a World title in WWE before.

Either way, the fan reaction and rejection of Batista, coupled with CM Punk's departure, forced McMahon to change the plans for WrestleMania XXX and as a result of that, Daniel Bryan ended up walking out as World Champion.

Now it's a whole different story. It was clear during his run as WWE Champion in 2018-19 that McMahon believed in the "New" Daniel Bryan.

What adds to this feat of being heroic is how McMahon has always favored big and physical superstars to become champions and Bryan winning it was a change of course and something not in line with WWE's plans.

The WWE universe has a major part to play here and crowds have been vocal about Bryan not getting enough opportunities. The management paid heed and the rest is history.

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