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5 weirdest ways a WWE Superstar has been injured

Rohit Nath
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Published 08 Jan 2020, 21:05 IST
08 Jan 2020, 21:05 IST

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

WWE and professional wrestling may have a negative perception in the outside world because of the scripted and pre-determined nature of the match outcomes. Those who slam it for being entertainment only (which is a weird criticism in itself) seem to overlook the fact that day in and day out, wrestlers put their bodies on the line.

Whether it's training or in the ring, the physical aspect can't be denied and the fact that they train like athletes adds to how risky the craft can be. Every Superstar suffers injuries in their career. It's not uncommon to see wrestlers battling on despite carrying minor injuries - only treating it when they have a hiatus or their condition worsens.

However, there have been cases where Superstars have been injured in the weirdest ways possible - and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what happens in the ring! Here are five weird ways that WWE Superstars have suffered injuries.

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#5. Sami Zayn busts his shoulder getting hyped for his RAW debut

He pulled through somehow
He pulled through somehow

Sami Zayn appeared to be wrapping up in NXT after an incredible run with the brand and in his hometown of Montreal on RAW in May - Bret Hart came out to introduce John Cena's surprise United States title challenger.

Sami Zayn was the man who was announced and it was a big reaction for a big debut. As a babyface, Zayn would always throw his hands up in the air before entering the ring as a part of his routine. Unfortunately for him, he felt his shoulder pop and it was clear before the bell rang that something was wrong.

He pulled through and had a good match, narrowly losing to the Champion and even getting an endorsement. However, he had an MRI scan only to find out that his shoulder was busted and he needed to take a 7-month hiatus to return from injury. His real main-roster debut came 10 months later.

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