5 World Champions who Vince McMahon never believed in

  • Despite being World Champion, Vince McMahon never believed in these top stars!
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Not all World Champions were approved by Vince McMahon
Not all World Champions were approved by Vince McMahon

In WWE, every superstar must earn the right to be a World Champion. Of course, there are those who are handpicked and superstars such as The Great Khali who were anything but deserving of it, but they were chosen for marketing reasons or otherwise.

There have been many other superstars who clearly deserved to win the World Championship, but either didn't or had to take the long route because Vince McMahon never believed in them as World Champions.

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In these cases, they either had to prove him wrong, or he was never high on the concept of them becoming World Champion in the first place. As a result, their title reigns were either cut short or they constantly had their legs cut from underneath.

In a way, it almost felt like the title reign was a token, but the way they ended left much to be desired and gave the feeling that they were never backed in the first place. On this list, we'll take a look at five World Champions who Vince McMahon never really believed in.

#5. Christian

A missed opportunity
A missed opportunity

When Edge retired in 2011, he retired as World Heavyweight Champion, the best possible way to go out. With the vacant title up for grabs, there was a heavy demand for Christian, his best friend, to be the one to win the title.

After much struggle, he beat Alberto Del Rio to win the title, only to lose it days later on SmackDown to Randy Orton. Despite Christian being hot at the time, Vince McMahon seemingly did everything to make it worse for him, turning him heel and then having him win the title again from Randy Orton after the latter DQ'd himself.

This reign would last all but 28 days before he dropped it back to Orton. It was a waste of a great moment and a great story.

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Published 11 May 2019, 20:52 IST
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