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5 WWE Superstars who could become part-timers soon

  • After a certain age, Superstars are forced to take on a lighter schedule.
  • Who could join the likes of John Cena and The Undertaker in becoming part-timers soon?
Vatsal Rathod
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Modified 24 Mar 2020, 15:11 IST

Could Daniel Bryan tone it down?
Could Daniel Bryan tone it down?

Being a WWE Superstar is no easy job. You have to put your body on the line for the entertainment of the fans, stay away from your family, work throughout the year, and even compete when the entire world is in lockdown. The human body can only cope up with such a hectic schedule for so long, hence why we've seen many WWE Superstars become part-timers recently.

Be it the 16-time World Champion, John Cena or the Demon of the Death Valley, The Undertaker, we've seen many of our favorites decide to take on a lighter schedule due to a variety of reasons, with health and age being the predominant ones.

With the WWE rosrer growing every day and many young Superstars waiting for their chance to make it big, it is only fitting for some of these veterans to allow the next generation have the spotlight. At the same time, becoming a part-timer also assures their limited appearances become much more impactful.

So let's take a look at the five WWE Superstars who could soon become part-timers.

#5 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is considered by many to be one of the best high-flying Superstars to have ever graced the ring - and deservedly so. The Charismatic Enigma has had a Hall of Fame worthy career spanning across multiple decades and continues to entertain the fans to this day.

He recently returned to WWE and while he's looking to be in great shape, we all know the toll that his body has taken over the last many years, thanks to his daredevil stunts. However, he does still have enough star-power to sell out an arena (whenever fans are allowed to attend the shows live again) and put over a younger Superstar. It would make sense for him to slow it down and only wrestle at major shows and big PPVs.

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Published 21 Mar 2020, 15:06 IST
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