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5 WWE surprise reveals that lived up to expectations

WWE has booked several surprise reveals to perfection
WWE has booked several surprise reveals to perfection
Divesh Merani
Modified 16 Sep 2020, 10:20 IST
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Every WWE fan loves a good surprise reveal, when weeks or months of build and expectations are paid off with a satisfying result. Over the years, WWE has produced several storylines involving a big reveal at the end, for better or for worse. There is one currently going on, involving the new faction called RETRIBUTION.

It remains to be seen how this one pans out. The impending reveal surrounding RETRIBUTION could go either way, as WWE's track record with mystery angles has been hit-and-miss. There has still been a multitude of reveals that lived up to the expectations of fans.

Ranging from big debuts to WrestleMania hosts, WWE has had a variety of such reveals. Some of these were legendary, standing the test of time as some of the greatest moments in WWE history. Hopefully, the RETRIBUTION storyline pays off in a similar way to these angles.

Here are five surprise reveals in WWE that lived up to expectations.

#5 Daniel Bryan as the final member of Team WWE (WWE SummerSlam 2010)

Nexus took WWE by storm in mid-2010, launching attacks on various Superstars and personalities on a weekly basis. It was a fresh angle, one which could have led to the creation of multiple main event stars. However, Nexus' early days saw one casualty.

Daniel Bryan was fired from WWE for taking things too far during the initial Nexus attack, leaving only seven members in the group. The angle still worked and the stage was set for a big 14-man Elimination Tag Team Match at SummerSlam. Nexus took on John Cena's team of WWE Superstars.


Names like Edge, Chris Jericho, and even Bret Hart were part of the team. One of the members, The Great Khali, ended up being written out of the match. This led to Team WWE scrambling for a seventh member. It seemed to be The Miz, who was offered the spot by Cena, but he did not decide until the day of SummerSlam.

So while The Miz came out, he was shunned in favor of the actual seventh member, a returning Daniel Bryan. This was a great moment on so many levels, kickstarting one of the greatest WWE careers in recent history. Despite the questionable booking of the match, Bryan's return made for a lovely surprise here.

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Published 16 Sep 2020, 10:20 IST
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