7 WWE Grand Slam Champions who have not won the Universal Championship

The American Dragon is a WWE Grand Slam Champion
The American Dragon is a WWE Grand Slam Champion
Sridhar Vedantam

The simplest way to achieve glory in WWE is to win a Championship. This will take your name to a different level and you will be an altogether different entity after your title victory.

Based on the talent available on the roster, the company has designed titles under three heads - the Tag Team division, the mid card and the main event. Each of these divisions has at least one title under their purview. The maximum number of titles, however, belongs to the Mid Card division where you have the Intercontinental Championship, US Championship, Cruiserweight Championship, North American Championship, etc. Some of them have become extinct over the years but some continue to exist even today.

What about someone who won all the existing titles during their WWE career? This rare accomplishment was given the title of Grand Slam, an achievement held not by a lot of superstars. However, with the Universal Championship coming into the picture quite recently, many superstars have not captured SmackDown's World Championship yet. Let's take a look at the seven wrestlers who became Grand Slam Champions in Vince McMahon's promotion but have yet to win the Universal Title.

#7 Randy Orton

From being The Legend Killer to a Legend himself, Randy Orton has done it all. The Viper has been operating at the main event level for two decades now, and he has become more entertaining with each passing year.

A homegrown WWE superstar, Randy Orton has earned every accomplishment he has achieved. The Apex Predator had won almost all titles by 2017, leaving only the United States Championship out of his resume. However, at the 2018 edition of Fastlane, Orton defeated then-champion Bobby Roode to win the star-studded title.

This win allowed Orton to add another rare accolade to his Hall of Fame-worthy career. While The Apex Predator hasn't won the Universal Championship yet, rumors suggest he'll be getting a shot at the title at SummerSlam 2022.

#6 Big Show

Achievements proportional to his size
Achievements proportional to his size

The Big Show may not be everyone’s favorite wrestler today, but he did something remarkable during his tenure with WWF/E. In addition to the Championships mentioned above, Show also won the ECW Heavyweight Championship and Hardcore Championship. He was a multi-time Tag Team Champion with different partners and won the United States and Intercontinental titles once in his career too.

His last title reign, however, was the World Heavyweight Championship that ended in 2013. In 2015, Show competed for the IC title for a good couple of months but couldn’t win it.

To add to all of this, the world's largest athlete has also won the Slammy Award five times and is also the winner of ‘Andre the Giant’ memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania.

With nothing left to accomplish in the wrestling behemoth, the real-life Paul Wight joined AEW in 2021, making his chances of winning the Universal Championship next to none.

#5 The Miz

The Miz is the first 2-time @WWE Grand Slam Champion. - Multi-time (modern) world champ- Multi-time IC Champ- Multi-time US Champ- Multi-time (modern) tag team champNo other Superstar in history has completed the full cycle TWICE. @mikethemiz #WWEChamber…

We know a lot about The Miz as a great heel; a pompous Hollywood star and a self–proclaimed “awesome” Superstar. But there is also something that we need to know about his accomplishments.

The Miz is one of the very few "mid-carders" who has won all major titles in his career. He is a multi-time Tag Team Champion, two-time US Champion, five-time IC Champion and also a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Winning the WWE Championship yet again in 2021, The Miz has earned the rare distinction of being the first-ever two-time Grand Slam Champion.

It is indeed worth noting that veterans like The Undertaker (IC title), John Cena (IC title), and The Rock (US title) have all not achieved this feat, but that the Miz beat them to it. However, The Miz hasn't been able to win the Universal Championship yet.

#4 Kurt Angle

One of the best performers in the WWE ring
One of the best performers in the WWE ring

Kurt Angle was one of the most decorated wrestlers of the Attitude Era and he also holds the record for holding all the active Championships during his time in the company.

Angle won the World Heavyweight Championship on four occasions and all the other titles once. Apart from the ones mentioned above, Angle also won the European Championship during his career. He was also the winner of the 2000 edition of the King of the Ring tournament and of course, the Olympic Gold Medal is always there to talk about!

#3 WWE Hall of Famer Edge

Just look at the stunning numbers
Just look at the stunning numbers

The ultimate opportunist of all time, Edge was yet another superstar who achieved this feat. Talk about someone being a 11-time world Champion, 14-time Tag team Champion, 5-time Intercontinental Champion, 1-time US Champion, King of the Ring winner, two-time Royal Rumble winner and the inaugural Money in the Bank winner!

Edge has won absolutely everything there is to win in the WWE, and he even gave us some very memorable WrestleMania matches. He returned to WWE in 2020 after being forced to retire due to a neck injury. Currently leading the Judgment Day stable, The Rated R Superstar has unsuccessfully challenged for the Universal Title at WrestleMania 37 and the 2021 edition of Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

#2 Eddie Guerrero

The legend who was taken away from us way too early
The legend who was taken away from us way too early

Eddie Guerrero was on the midcard all throughout his career except for a good 5-6 months. He has always been a fan-favorite and has become famous for his Lie-Cheat-Steal schtick. But just that moniker hardly does justice to what he was about!

Eddie won all the titles in the company, including the ultimate prize, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, class of 2006.

His untimely and sudden demise left the WWE universe in despair and led to an outpouring of emotion from many Superstars on the roster.

#1 Daniel Bryan

Is Bryan the G.O.A.T.? YES! YES! YES!
Is Bryan the G.O.A.T.? YES! YES! YES!

WrestleMania 30 is mainly famous for two things: The end of 'The Streak' and the rise of the American Dragon. Daniel Bryan became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and left New Orleans ‘Yessing’ all night.

It was a great night for Daniel as he overcame three former World Champions to capture the title. Daniel was originally not booked for a main-event run, but it was the outpouring of fan support that led to the wrestling behemoth changing plans.

Since then, Bryan has made a miraculous return, winning the WWE and Tag Team championships and main-eventing WrestleMania again, before joining AEW and getting his first 5-star match against Kenny Omega.

Is there anything that Bryan cannot do? Maybe winning the Universal Championship, but then, 'never say never'.

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