7 Legendary WWE superstars with amusing secrets

Behind every WWE superstar is one crazy secret
Behind every WWE superstar is one crazy secret
Ali Akber

Inside the ring, it seems as though there is no one more invincible than the legendary WWE superstars who have made their names synonymous with pro wrestling.

Superstars brave everything from injuries, botched moves, and mixed crowd reactions to ensure that they endure everything to put on a great show and entertain the fans.

This has led the WWE Universe to have the utmost respect for many WWE superstars and legends who have given their lives to entertaining them.

Fans also spent countless hours trying to find out about the past and the present of their favorite superstars. This has been one of the most favorite activities of both kids and adults, and even today we look for many crazy facts which would make us feel closer to our on-screen heroes.

While many secrets are revealed with research, there are many embarrassing secrets which many superstars have tried their best to hide for a long time, but these were eventually revealed at some point.

Here, we’ll take a look at the seven superstars with the most embarrassing secrets that will definitely leave you shocked!

#7 Sheamus’ job before wrestling

Sheamus worked a few odd jobs before getting into wrestling
Sheamus worked a few odd jobs before getting into wrestling

Like many fans, Sheamus too wasn’t ashamed of taking up an odd job or two to help make ends meet. Similar to many other superstars, the former World Heavyweight Champion too had a surprising job before he joined the business. But unlike those who used to work at checkout lines, wait tables or work as models, Sheamus had a completely different job.

Sheamus used to earn his extra pennies by warding off any threat to U2’s lead singer and activist Bono. Known as probably the most iconic band of all time, Bono used to get a lot of unwanted attention from fans and media personnel.

The 6 ft 4 in Celtic Warrior was entrusted with the job of keeping him out of trouble and chaperoned him through crowds. Both men are from Dublin, Ireland, which makes perfect sense as to why Sheamus would want to keep the world-renowned singer safe.

It was in Dublin where Sheamus used to work in a pub when he first met U2 and later started working as a part-time bodyguard for them. The pub was called Lily's Bordello and was frequently visited by U2 as the brand found the place 'hassle-free’.

Sheamus has made quite a career for himself in the WWE, coming from humble beginnings.

#6 Brock Lesnar’s hunting problems

Lesnar's hunting problem isn't a big secret
Lesnar's hunting problem isn't a big secret

When ,"The Beast" Brock Lesnar isn’t inside the squared circle looking for his next victim, he is outdoors hunting as it is among his favorite recreational sports.

The Beast Incarnate seems to get in trouble often because of his hunting habit. Many offenses have been handed over to him over this leisure activity of WWE’s long-time champion.

Of the many offenses committed by the longest reigning Universal Champion, the most significant was a 'Wastage of Meat’ offense on him and his brother Chad after footage of them using high powered rifles to shoot prairie dogs surfaced on the internet. This was because very little usable meat was left because of the impact of the rifle. The charges against him were later dropped.

His lawyer also pleaded guilty on his client's behalf to improper tagging of an animal during a hunting trip in November 2010. Lesnar was fined a whopping $1,725 and given a six-month hunting suspension.

Still wondering why someone like Lensar needs a gun.

#5 Stone Cold’s ring-name

Stone Cold has his ex-wife to thank for his success
Stone Cold has his ex-wife to thank for his success

Steve Austin started out his WWE career with The Ring Master gimmick. When that didn’t quite work out, Steve decided that he wanted to renew his character.

Later on, he got inspired by watching a documentary about the Iceman, a serial killer who locked his victims in a freezer.

This led to the six-time WWF Champion wanting a rebirth of his character around that chilling concept. he contacted WWE's creative team to request a nickname, while he and his wife started thinking up names themselves too.

Jeanie Clark, his ex-wife, casually suggested the name 'Stone Cold’ while having her cup of tea else the WWE had suggested names like Fang Mc Frost, which seem more like a Child's Cartoon name compared to a deathly wrestler whose role Steve wanted to portray.

This gave birth to one of the most bad-ass characters in WWE history, and the legendary superstar has his ex-wife to thank for the most part. The Texas rattlesnake remains one of WWE's most popular wrestlers of all time.

The next time you hear the glass shatter, you know that business is about to pick up.

#4 Mr. WrestleMania’s terrible WrestleMania record

WWE has even released a DVD called Mr. WrestleMania to hail Shawn Michaels
WWE has even released a DVD called Mr. WrestleMania to hail Shawn Michaels

There is more than one reason why Shawn Michaels is known as Mr. Wrestlemania. In a career spanning more than two decades, the Heart Break Kid battled almost every single mid-card and top-level superstar in the business. This led him to become arguably one of the best wrestlers in the history of the industry.

Michaels participated in no less than 17 matches at the Grandest Stage of Them All. However, out of those 17 encounters, Michaels lost eleven matches which surely is a big dent to the man who is widely referred to as Mr. WrestleMania.

Michaels has bagged only six matches in WrestleMania matches, which is a very surprising fact for a superstar of his stature. But for someone known for being arrogant, Michaels has helped put more superstars over at WrestleMania than anyone else.

If you go purely by Wrestlemania win/loss record to determine who gets to be known as Mr Wrestlemania, then it undoubtedly would be the Undertaker.

#3 Cesaro’s music choice

Cesaro's musical choices are quite questionable
Cesaro's musical choices are quite questionable

You know you love him, you know you care. Fans have believed in Cesaro for a long time and have been rooting to see him as the WWE Champion for some time now. As arguably the best pound-for-pound wrestler, it is surprising that he hasn’t won the top championship of the company yet.

While there is no reason to stop believing in Cesaro, it might come as a surprise to you that he is a Belieber. That’s right, the Swiss Superman believes in the music made by Justin Beiber.

While Cesaro has admitted that he is a big fan of Australian art-pop singer/songwriter Sia, he has also revealed that he has a passion for the music performed by Justin Bieber.

Cesaro believes that Bieber has had multiple number one hits and top ten tracks, and there is no reason to disrespect the young musician even if you don’t like his music.

Maybe his twenty-three non-title singles match loss on television during his United States title reign was some sort of punishment by WWE for his questionable taste in music!

#2 Ric Flair’s real name

Ric Flair is unsure what his real name is
Ric Flair is unsure what his real name is

Almost all wrestlers in WWE today fight under a "ring name" which is either picked by themselves or the WWE creative. Only a handful of wrestlers today fight under their own name, with Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey leading the list.

WWE’s ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair too got his name once he decided to take to the ring. But what is surprising is that Richard Fliehr isn't his given name either. His adopted parents gave him the name of Richard Flieher.

Flair was adopted by the Tennessee Children's Home Society, a notorious orphanage run by Georgia Tann. It was a front for a black-market adoption ring, and the owner destroyed paperwork related to child placement. Hence, there was no authenticity to the records it had of Flair.

This led to Flair’s adopted parents choosing a new name for him without any knowledge of his birth name. Flair said that he never really bothered knowing about his birth parents because he never felt anything but love from his adopted parents and they treated him as their only child

His birth name is believed to be Fred Phillips, even though the names on different records suggest that his name could also be Fred Demaree or Stewart, while his biological parents could be Luther and Olive Phillips. He believes his birth-mother thought he was stillborn and hence left him at the hospital.

Flair went on to become a sixteen-time world champion and one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time.

#1 The Undertaker’s fear

Death to cucumbers
Death to cucumbers

Undoubtedly the most feared WWE superstar, The Undertaker has been striking fear in the hearts of his opponents for almost three decades now. The Deadman himself appeared to fear nothing and no one, and instilled fear in every heart the second he walked into the wrestling arena.

Every single superstar The Undertaker faced shook with fear thanks to his supernatural facade and knack for stuffing his victims into caskets. But in real life, The Undertaker has a rather unique fear of his own — he is afraid of nothing but cucumbers.

Considered one of the biggest myths of the WWE, this story was confirmed as the truth by Paul Bearer who was his onscreen manager and travel partner. Paul confirmed the rumor in an interview before his death in 2013.

“He cannot stand cucumbers … I saw The Undertaker throw up all over a waffle house because there was a cucumber floating in his iced tea,” Bearer told Jim Cornette.

So the key to beating The Phenom is to bring a cucumber to the ring and watch him run out to bag the match through a count out victory!

Still wondering why this thought never occurred to any opponent the Undertaker faced in his 25 WrestleMania bouts.

Edited by Riju Dasgupta


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