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7 Things that must happen before Wrestlemania 33!

Wrestlemania Season is upon us!

Fans eagerly await the return of The Demon!

One could only image how chaotic it is inside the WWE Headquarters during this time of the year. As we get further into Wrestlemania Season, preparations are on the forefront of everyone's mind. This is the one time of the year when all the pieces must come together perfectly. There is absolutely no room for error.

Along with all of the planning that goes into making the year’s biggest event a success, all eyes have to be honed in on the health of all Superstars, especially those who will likely take part in a major match at Wrestlemania.

While injuries simply come with the territory, the medical staff will be working closely with the strength and conditioning coaches, making sure all precautions are taken, in order to minimise the odds of freak or sudden injuries. Even if there are no sudden injuries, there’s still a massive amount of work to be done, all while making sure the day-to-day creative side keeps rolling along. 

Now that there are less than two months until show-time, the question is- what must happen between now and the time that first bell rings inside Camping World Stadium? Along with the expected crowd of 75,000 fans in attendance, the rest of the world will be tuned into the WWE Network, with all eyes on the action.

With that said, there’s still a lot of variables left to work out. Let’s take a look at seven things that seriously need to take place before Wrestlemania 33.

#7 Shinsuke Nakamura debuts, booked for Wrestlemania

Nakamura is primed for a main roster debut.

Shinsuke Nakamura may very well be the best signee in NXT history. At one time, wrestling “experts” called him untouchable. They claimed there was no way Shinsuke would ever leave Japan. Well...yeah, that happened.

Since arriving in NXT, Nakamura has not let anyone down. His work has been absolutely flawless. He is without question, the most charismatic, technically sound NXT champion in the Yellow Brand’s short history.

Now that he has dropped the gold into the glorious lap of Bobby Roode, the NXT Championship is in perfectly capable hands, leaving Shinsuke with nothing left to prove.

While some may argue that NXT needs Nakamura on its roster, I would suggest you take an in-depth look at the depth of the NXT roster. NXT is as strong as ever, with a tonne of top-tier talent, ready to carry on with the standard left by those like Shinsuke Nakamura.

Having Shinsuke make his main roster debut prior to Wrestlemania would not only be good for the talent, but great for the potential Wrestlemania performance he will bring if he’s booked on the card.

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