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8 wrestling moves that legitimately injured WWE Superstars

Many top WWE Superstars have picked up injuries from famous finishing moves
Many top WWE Superstars have picked up injuries from famous finishing moves
Ali Akber
Modified 06 Oct 2020, 18:29 IST
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WWE Superstars go through years of training to ensure that they can perform with each and every move in the ring safely. Without safety, the Superstars could suffer career-threatening injuries, something that no one wants to see on their television screens.

We've seen WWE relieve a few Superstars from their contracts following complaints by their colleagues that they are not safe workers in the ring. On the other hand, several wrestlers are praised for being extremely safe workers.

However, many of the top Superstars have suffered in-ring injuries in WWE after being hit by moves from other wrestlers that are usually considered safe. While WWE Superstars take the utmost care of each other in the ring, some mishaps can cause severe injuries that can take out the Superstars for several months or, in some cases, cost someone their career.

Most of these moves have been considered extremely safe and have been performed thousands of times by professional wrestlers.

In this article, we will look at the eight wrestling moves that have led to legitimate injuries for WWE Superstars in the ring.

#8 WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd's career came to an end after a Muscle Buster

During a dark match on RAW in June 2015, disaster struck for Tyson Kidd. Kidd was asked to work with Samoa Joe at the last minute, and he wasn't prepared to face the WWE Superstar.

While the entire match went well, it was the final moment that led to the end of Kidd's wrestling career. Joe lifted Kidd for the Muscle Buster and went ahead with the move just like he'd done for years. However, Kidd did not land well and ended up breaking his neck in the process.

"The night of injury, it was just one of those days where the show was being changed -- up to the last minute -- but the show was being changed and the next thing I know it's me against Joe in a dark match," Kidd said. "I'd never worked Joe before. I'd of course seen him. I'm a student of the game, I've seen everybody. But I'd never physically worked him. When we landed on the Muscle Buster, I saw the whitest light I've ever seen. I thought it was a concussion for a second. I remember thinking, 'Man, I did this whole match, completely on the fly, I pulled it off and then I get rocked at the end.'"

Kidd tweeted that only 5% of people survive his injury and that he had 16 staples, four screws, and a rod inserted in his neck. WWE reported that he would be out of action for over a year. But given the severity of the injury, Kidd decided to hang up his wrestling boots.

Joe hasn't used the Muscle Buster much since then, even though it is one of the biggest moves in his arsenal.

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Published 06 Oct 2020, 18:29 IST
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