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Best and worst of RAW after Extreme Rules- Title change in a hotel room, Massive upset

Riju Dasgupta
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This week's episode of RAW had a few major highlights
This week's episode of RAW had a few major highlights

I wouldn't say that this was the best episode of RAW that I have seen, but I'll say that it was good. I wouldn't even call it excellent, it was just a solid 'good' show, overall.

The key of a three-hour-broadcast is to make sure that you stay tuned and do not change the channel at any point. In the year 2019, with a large number of options available to those who seek entertainment, this is not an easy task.

And therefore, I must commend Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman for putting on a very solid show, mind you, on two consecutive nights. If you consider the number of years that they've been doing for, you would really need to tip your hat to those two gentlemen.

Here is what I liked and disliked about RAW...

#1 Best: The debut of 'The Fiend' on RAW

This has to be the most highly anticipated return that I can remember in quite some time. Bray Wyatt had a ho-hum run with Matt Hardy before he disappeared for good, following a car accident.

Little was known about Wyatt and what was happening with him until the Firefly Fun House vignettes began airing shortly after WrestleMania 35. We saw a jovial, happy, and cheerful Wyatt but something was not as it seemed like there was a darkness that still loomed inside this being.

We would later learn that Bray Wyatt harbored a creature inside him known as 'The Fiend' and it was raring to come out. Fans began questioning whether or not Wyatt will be able to transfer the magic of his vignettes to the wrestling ring, at this point.

The answer is a resounding yes because Bray Wyatt returned to action this week, and it was awesome!

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