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Best and Worst of WWE SmackDown Live: 22 November, 2016

Riju Dasgupta
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90.23K   //    23 Nov 2016, 10:13 IST

Any man with two hands can get their hands on a WWE contract

After a breakneck weekend here at Sportskeeda Wrestling News, we have still not recovered from Survivor Series. However, we have to get into pay per view mode again in just 2 weeks, for Smackdown Live’s exclusive show – TLC. This week’s episode dealt with the fallout from Survivor Series and attempted to build up to TLC.

Very honestly, based on the quality of wrestling that we’ve experienced this week; we felt that tonight’s show was a bit of a dampener. We shall reveal why it was so, in the analysis that follows.

#1 Worst: Atrocious main event

It’s sad to see the WWE title reduced to this 

Ellsworth, in his limited role as a mascot at Survivor Series, was the perfect fit. He got a massive pop and played his part to perfection. However when he main events a show, in a ladder match against the WWE Champion, all his weaknesses are exposed for the world to see.

Ellsworth has a lot of chinks in his armor, his work is weak and very honestly, does not deserve to main event a show with such legitimate contenders for the top Smackdown spot. Maybe at some other point in the show, this would have been interesting...but at the main event spot, it just got on our nerves.

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