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How WWE could utilize a desire of Brock Lesnar to pull off a massive shock (Opinion)

Rick Ucchino
Modified 07 Feb 2020, 10:25 IST

Lesnar really wants to work with R Truth? Ok, I have an idea.
Lesnar really wants to work with R Truth? Ok, I have an idea.

In case you missed it, in a recent interview, R-Truth said that Brock Lesnar really wants to work with him again after their interaction on RAW a couple of weeks back. Going as far to say that Brock has been pitching him ideas and that the "sky is the limit." Oh? Is it now? Well in that case, I have a great idea!

Let me start off by reiterating something I wrote last week, Brock Lesnar will be the WWE Champion come WrestleMania. He will face Drew McIntyre for the Title in one of the main event matches. That doesn't mean he has to be the Champion the entire time on the road to the Showcase of the Immortals.

Let's be honest, Brock Lesnar holding onto the Title for the next two months or so is extremely expected. The story structure has already been built with the Scottish Psychopath, so that payoff will happen come April 5th, when I expect Drew McIntyre to win his first WWE Championship. The trick between now and then, is keeping the audience invested. If there is one thing R-Truth can do, it's get the audience invested in what he's doing.

Dating all the way back to his days in the late 90s, when he was known as K-Kwik, Truth has done anything and everything WWE has asked of him. No matter how ridiculous, no matter how outlandish, Truth puts a smile on his face and goes to work. More often than not by the way, the dude gets over. He almost single-handedly (props to Drake Maverick) made a universally panned 24\7 Championship, relevant. It's time to reward R-Truth for his years of loyal service, by having him win the company's top prize - the WWE Championship.

The questions is - but how? In no conceivable way would anyone expect Truth to defeat Brock Lesnar, talented in the ring though he may be. To get the job done, I would hearken back to 2001 when young Jeff Hardy shocked the World and beat Triple H for the Intercontinental Championship.

Hardy would hold the Title for all of three days before dropping it back to Triple H, but his initial victory was a moment that remains one of my all time favorites. This was a similar to when Mick Foley won his first WWE Championship, just without as many distractions on the outside.

If Truth and Lesnar were to have a match for the WWE Championship it wouldn't need to be a No DQ match. It wouldn't need to have multiple superstars surrounding the ring. All it would need is a reluctant R-Truth, a cocky Brock Lesnar, and just one brief distraction.


The Set Up

Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Title against Ricochet at Super ShowDown
Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Title against Ricochet at Super ShowDown

Brock Lesnar's next Title defense will come Feb. 27th in Saudi Arabia. The Beast Incarnate will defend his Championship against the heavy underdog Ricochet. Lesnar will very likely retain the Title, but let's say the One and Only makes it a lot closer than he should. Maybe he gets so close to pulling the upset, that Lesnar feels like he has to teach Ricochet a lesson after the match. During the post-fight beat down, McIntyre could hit the ring to make the save. The Beast retreats as both he and Paul Heyman look on with those sinister smiles they are known so well for.

That would set things up nicely for RAW three days later. The Beast and his advocate could open the show, sadistic smiles and all. Heyman could go on and on about how his client dominated Ricochet at Super ShowDown and how he's feeling extremely confident heading into WrestleMania. He's so confident that he's going to do something he hasn't done in nearly 20 years. He's going to wrestle on RAW. Not only that, but he is going to put the Title on the line against a challenger of his choosing. That's when Heyman calls R-Truth down to the ring.

Now I know Truth wanted no part of The Beast when it came to the Royal Rumble, but not even he is crazy enough to turn down a guaranteed WWE Title match. Even if he did have reservations, Paul Heyman is one of those guys who could sell garbage to a garbage man. I'm pretty sure could talk Truth into it.

The Match

How Truth shocks the World
How Truth shocks the World

The match would start just how you expect. Brock toying with Truth for a little bit, until he decides to take him to "Sioux Falls City." Suplex - Suplex - Suplex. Brock jumps around for a brief moment. Suplex - Suplex - Suplex. A proud Paul Heyman looking on from the outside. Walking around the ring holding the WWE Championship up high for all to see. You've all seen this play out before.

Right around the time Lesnar goes to end the match, he gets a little overzealous with the F-5 attempt (and you guessed it) he takes out the referee along with Truth. Cue Ricochet's music. The One and Only shows up, battered and bruised from Saudi Arabia, and begins the slow walk down to the ring. Lesnar stands ready and waiting. He's locked eyes with Ricochet and isn't paying attention to anything else around him. That's when Drew McIntyre swings in from behind and nails him with a Claymore Kick!

The Scottish Psychopath rolls truth on top of Lesnar just in time for the ref to come thru and count the 1-2-3! R-Truth is WWE Champion!

Imagine the look of shock on Heyman's face. Imagine the pop from the crowd. Imagine the reaction from Truth as he wakes up and realizes what just happened. He accomplished the impossible. He made his childhood hero, John Cena, proud! The locker room could clear out in celebration as Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe carry Truth off on their shoulders in a tribute to Mick Foley's Title win.

Naturally a rematch could be set up for that Sunday at Elimination Chamber. Brock could win the Championship back in what would effectively be a squash match. We'd be right back to where we started, but the ride we all took to get there would be well worth it.

The quick Title change would accomplish a few things:

1) It would create a brief roadblock in what would an otherwise be a straight forward path to WrestleMania.

2) It would close the book on the Lesnar\Ricochet program, with the One and Only getting one over on The Beast.

3) It would continue to establish the Claymore Kick as a dominate finisher that could convincingly conquer the Beast at WrestleMania.

4) Most importantly - It would reward a man who has done anything and everything for WWE with no questions asked.

R-Truth deserves to have this on his resume. The culminating moment of what should be a Hall of Fame career. His Championship win would go down as the single biggest upset in company history, and one of most shocking moments of all time. It wouldn't matter how brief the run would be. It wouldn't matter how he won the Title. R-Truth would go down as a WWE Champion, and no one could take that away from him.

If Brock Lesnar really wants to work with R-Truth again, I think this would be a hell of a way to do it.

Published 07 Feb 2020, 10:25 IST
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