"I didn't sleep my way anywhere" โ€“ Former female superstar on her relationship with WWE Hall of Famer JBL

Former female superstar on her relationship with WWE Hall of Famer JBL
WWE Hall of Famer JBL during a broadcast

IMPACT Wrestling legend Angelina Love recently spoke about her relationship with WWE Hall of Famer JBL, revealing that she almost joined his cabinet on SmackDown.

Love spent nearly three years in WWE's developmental territories, Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling, after joining the company in 2004. However, she was never promoted to the main roster before being released from her contract in May 2007.

Speaking to Rene Dupree on Cafe de Rene, Angelina Love addressed her relationship with WWE Hall of Famer JBL during her time in the Stamford-based company.

"JBL always liked me, which everybody thought was weird because JBL didn't like any of the girls, but he liked me because I wasn't a Diva Search girl, I knew how to wrestle, I was college educated, and like you know I just wasn't like I was there because I've been a fan and I worked hard. Basically, I didn't sleep my way anywhere. So I think he respected me for that," she said. (0:29 - 0:49)

During the same interview, Love disclosed that JBL wanted her to join his cabinet on SmackDown in 2006. She was supposed to make her main roster debut at Royal Rumble 2006.

"Jillian [Hall] was with JBL and she had that big thing on her face, remember The Boogeyman bit it off. (...) So he wanted me to be like the new girl in the cabinet. So, once The Boogeyman bit that thing off Jillian's face, she was supposed to be gone for a while, enter me as the new girl in the cabinet, and then a few months later, Jillian would return as a babyface and her and I would feud," she added. (0:20 - 1:05)

Nevertheless, Love tore her ACL while training just ten days before the event. Hence, plans for her main roster transition got scrapped.

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WWE had other plans for Angelina Love to debut on the main roster

Joining JBL's cabinet was seemingly not the only plan WWE had for Angelina Love that never came to light. The former champion disclosed during her interview with Renee Dupree that the company once planned for her to move to ECW and manage Mike Knox and Derick Neikirk.

The 42-year-old also revealed that the company planned for her to have an on-screen romance with Matt Hardy on SmackDown. However, former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon canceled the plan a few seconds before it happened on television.

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