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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII Results: Intergender match main events, former world champion returns to confront Michael Elgin

Greg Bush
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08 Jul 2019, 10:35 IST

Slammiversary ended with one of the best intergender matches we've ever seen
Slammiversary ended with one of the best intergender matches we've ever seen

Tonight, Impact Wrestling delivered the seventeenth Slammiversary event in the company's history. The Impact World Champion, Brian Cage, would defend his belt for the first time against the Unbreakable Michael Elgin. Elgin sent Cage to the hospital the night Cage captured the gold and has since been on a rampage, running through the likes of Willie Mack and Rich Swann.

Speaking of Swann, his incredible X-Division Title reign was in jeopardy tonight, as he faced former world champion Johnny Impact. With John E. Bravo at his side, the Mayor of Slamtown hoped to ruin Swann's night and leave with his wife as two of Impact Wrestling's top champions.

The Knockouts Championship was also on the line tonight, as Taya Valkyrie would defend her precious belt against Rosemary, Su Yung, and Havok, four former champions, in the return of the Monster's Ball. Su Yung and Havok, according to James Mitchell, were working towards the same goal; making Havok champion. But as we've seen, their personalities haven't meshed well, and we may see them turn on each other tonight.

LAX lost the Impact Tag Team Titles to the North during a special broadcast on Impact+, Bash at the Brewery. The Rascalz were set to challenge Santana and Ortiz tonight as the #1 contenders, and after that change, their match was in jeopardy. However, LAX and Dez & Wentz would get their shots at Slammiversary, taking on Ethan Page & Josh Alexander in a three-way match.

All that and much more tonight on Slammiversary XVII!

#1. X-Division Open Challenge: TJP vs Trey Miguel vs Jake Crist vs Willie Mack 

Crist shoved the faces of all three men, leading to a double superkick from TPJ and Trey. TJP stunned Mack with a kick and tossed Trey aside with a head scissors. Mack and TJP then went after Trey, who managed to fight them off, sending Mack outside with a head scissors and flipping TJP across the ring with a springboard armdrag.

Mack rolled back inside, slapping Trey across the face, sending him to the ground. TJP rushed in but was met by a Samoan drop and a standing moonsault. TJP kicked out, and Jake Crist jumped Mack. With Mack and Trey on the outside, Crist took advantage of the situation, going after TJP, who was still recovering.

Crist bullied TJP in the corner, but the former X-Division Champion trapped him in an Indian Death Lock. While he fought Crist, Mack and Trey came inside the ring. TJP brought Mack in for a DDT, and was dropped by a neckbreaker from Trey.


Trey avoided a tornado DDT spot, but was caught in an octopus stretch by TJP, who also held Crist. Mack rocked TJP with the elbow to the back of the head, and after Perkins was knocked to the outside, Mack dove onto him. Crist followed up with a suicide dive on Mack.

Trey leapt onto all three men off the second rope with a corkscrew splash. He rolled TJP inside, but Mack got himself up to the top of the turnbuckle. Trey and Jake TJP tried to stop him, leading to a Tower of Doom. Trey backflipped to avoid the powerbomb from TJP while Mack knocked Crist onto the top rope.

TJP trapped Trey in the Romero Special, and Crist covered him for the pin. But a leaping double foot stomp from Mack broke up the spot, crashing onto all three men. TJP avoided a powerbomb from Mack only to be turned inside out with a shoulder tackle. Trey took out Mack with a dropkick to the back of the head.

Jake Crist caught Trey coming into the corner, launching him into the turnbuckle with a powerslam. Trey kicked out, and Jake went to work on TJP, rocking him with a spinning back kick. He then spiked Mack on his head with the Death Valley Driver, but TJP managed to break up the pinfall.

Crist and TJP traded elbows, leading to a kicking combination and a back suplex from the former Manik. Locking in the TJP Clutch, he had Crist trapped in the middle of the ring. Trey broke it up with the diving Meteora, landing on TJP's face.

Crist followed him up as he went to the top yet again, dropping him with a super cutter. Before he could go for the pin, Mack dropped from the heavens with the frog splash for the victory.

Result: Willie Mack defeated Jake Crist via pinfall

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