Jimmy Uso to return with 2 Anoa'i family members on WWE SmackDown? Analyzing potential hint

Jimmy Uso
Jimmy Uso's last match was at WrestleMania XL [Image Credit: wwe.com]

Jimmy Uso lost to Jey Uso at WrestleMania XL, and on the following SmackDown, Solo Sikoa assaulted him before removing him from The Bloodline. Considering it was Sikoa who replaced Jimmy Uso in The Bloodline and not Roman Reigns, it was an even bitter pill to swallow for the older Uso.

Currently, the new Bloodline consists of Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Tonga Loa. They're seemingly the most dangerous heel faction on SmackDown currently. Meanwhile, the original members of the faction are yet to return to WWE television and further the saga. It seems that a hint has surfaced about which members could return to take down Sikoa and the Tongan brothers.

Xero News took to social media to post three gifs today. One each of Jimmy, Jey, and Jacob Fatu. All three happen to be Anoa'i family members. The Usos and Fatu are cousins, and their fathers Rikishi and The Tonga Kid are brothers. Since Fatu and Usos are related and their gifs have been posted together, it can be speculated that Jimmy Uso will return to WWE with his brother and cousin.

You can check out the post below:

Jimmy Uso in all likelihood will return as babyface. On the other hand, Jey Uso is already a very popular face on RAW. Main Event Jey had once even said that he would reunite with his brother if Jimmy Uso was free from Reigns' control. Well, The Tribal Chief has taken a hiatus from WWE television and Jimmy Uso has been removed by the new leader. It would seem like the perfect time for the brothers to reunite.

Meanwhile, Jacob Fatu was reported to make his WWE debut but the company was concerned about him joining The Bloodline as Fatu is the bigger star and could possibly overshadow Sikoa's impact. Hence, it would make sense to have Fatu join the babyfaces of The Bloodline instead of the heels.

Jey Uso gave his opinion about the WrestleMania XL match against Jimmy Uso

The Usos faced each other at WrestleMania XL, and it was a match that fans were very excited to see. The WWE Universe had already seen a glimpse of what it would be like to watch the brothers battle it out. Jey and Jimmy Uso entered this year's Men's Royal Rumble Match as the first two entrants.

While Jey Uso won their clash at WrestleMania XL, he believes that they didn't deliver the way they could have. Recently on Gorilla Position, he said that despite cherishing the WrestleMania moment where he shared the stage with his own brother, he believes there was a shortage of time due to which they couldn't give the fans an even better performance than the one they'd delivered. He felt they'd let the fans down.

"I just said this to someone. I kinda felt like we did let the people down. [Really, you feel that?] Yeah, man, cuz I wanted to go out there and have a straight up banger too. I wanted to do the wrestling part but let alone make sure the emotion part is there. It was just a time issue. You know what I'm saying? You just gotta play your position on the team. That's what happened. I'm still happy though, Uce, I got a singles match at WrestleMania with my brother. That's a big picture. So, I'mma always have me and him in a face-off at WrestleMania. I'mma frame a picture, that's always, it's marked off our box. I just wish we could have went the way I know we can," said Jey Uso.

Currently, Jimmy is sidelined due to an undisclosed injury. However, WWE is expected to begin The Bloodline Saga's next chapter at Clash at the Castle: Scotland, and Uso could be expected to return at the premium live event next month.

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