33-year-old superstar throws shade on Bayley after demolishing her in Jeddah

Bayley after getting flattened in Jeddah (Source: WWE)
Bayley after getting flattened in Jeddah (Image source: WWE YouTube)

WWE Women’s Champion Bayley is one of the company’s most popular superstars. The Role Model enjoys a following of two million on X and 3.5 million on Instagram, and her fans eagerly wait for her posts. Notably, a 33-year-old wrestler was also waiting for her posts this time, but for a different reason.

Piper Niven surprised everyone last week on Friday Night SmackDown when she unleashed herself on Bayley. The WWE Women’s Champion defeated Chelsea Green in Jeddah. However, the taste of victory didn’t even last a few seconds as Niven attacked her. Moreover, she bulldozed the champion multiple times despite neutralizing her.

Now, Piper Niven has extended her talons on social media as well. Bayley recently tweeted a video on X for her fans wherein she could be seen juggling and having fun in her yard. However, the 33-year-old mocked the champion with her response to the lighthearted clip.

“Lol @ImChelseaGreen look at this loser. Got lots of time to practise her juggling cause she’s got no friends. 😆. No buds Bayleaf 🤣," Niven wrote.

With this tweet, Piper Niven has made it clear that she will continue to keep the Women’s Champion on her radar. She even showcased her strength via a tweet and claimed her dominance on the Four Horsewomen of WWE.

Moreover, while she seems to support her tag team partner, Chelsea Green, in attacking the Women’s Champion, she may be looking to take the lead herself.

Piper Niven may be eying the WWE Women’s Championship of Bayley

The May 10, 2024, episode of SmackDown showed Piper Niven eyeing The Role Model and her title. The 33-year-old stood beside Chelsea Green during a backstage segment, but while The Hot Mess walked away, Niven lingered and kept her gaze on the belt.

Thus, it won’t be surprising if the Scottish superstar tries to get herself a title match against The former Hugger. While Chelsea Green is attempting to do the same, she is behind Piper Niven since she has already lost to the champion.

Moreover, while Niven attacked The Role Model on social media, The Hot Mess has been on the receiving end of the social media battle. This could also mean that Green and Niven could go their separate ways. It would be interesting to see how these three women get booked in the future and who eventually emerges with the title.

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