Bruce Prichard says former WWE woman was "over the moon" after passionate kiss with Edge

WWE Hall of Famer Edge is currently active on Monday Night RAW
WWE Hall of Famer Edge is currently active on Monday Night RAW

WWE Executive Bruce Prichard recently opened up about Edge and Vickie Guerrero's romantic storyline in 2007.

In November 2007, The Rated-R Superstar interfered in a World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell match between Batista and The Undertaker to help The Animal win the bout. SmackDown General Manager at the time, Vickie Guerrero, later had a conversation with Edge in her office on SmackDown.

After scolding Edge for ruining The Undertaker's last chance at the title, Guerrero informed The Rated-R Superstar that she was "punishing him" by giving him a World Title match against Batista. She and Edge then shared a passionate kiss to start their on-screen romance.

During an episode of his Something to Wrestle podcast, Prichard reflected on the storyline, recalling Edge and Vickie Guerrero's initial reaction to the idea.

"As we're sitting in the office there, we're trying to think of what to do, and I'm staring at them. And I'm like, 'the only way people are gonna believe this is if they see it and they need to go for it man. There needs to be some passion here. So, if you're ever gonna, you know, do anything, and I pulled Edge off by himself, pulled Vickie off by herself, and I asked them how they felt about it. They were both like, 'yeah, sure. Whatever we need to do,'" he said. [1:21 - 1:55]

The 59-year-old disclosed that former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was initially against the idea. However, he talked him into it. The current executive also revealed how Edge and Guerrero felt after the segment, which they shot live.

"[Edge and Vickie Guerrero were] over the moon. Over the moon. They were so excited," Prichard added. [4:10 - 4:16]

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Should Vickie Guerrero enter the WWE Hall of Fame?

Vickie Guerrero made her WWE debut in 2005 alongside her husband, Eddie Guerrero. She spent about nine years in the Stamford-based company and served as SmackDown and Monday Night RAW General Manager. However, she requested her release and left in 2014.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Guerrero addressed whether she was upset about not being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

"I thank god everyday that I get to do what I love. A lot of people ask you know, 'Are you upset you are not gonna be in the Hall of Fame?' and, you know in all reality I don't need a Hall of Fame to know that I, I did a good job. You know, and that recognition is not going to stop me from continuing my character. It would be nice, I mean to be recognized. But I am really happy with where I am at today," she said. [1:37 - 2:02]

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