Former top WWE star considered quitting after getting bullied by the locker room

Saraya (aka Paige) left WWE last year
Which former WWE Superstar nearly left the company early in their career?

A former WWE Superstar & current AEW talent once considered quitting Vince McMahon's promotion after getting bullied by the locker room. The star in question is none other than Saraya (fka Paige in WWE).

After competing for several years on the European independent circuit, Saraya signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2011. The 30-year-old was assigned to the company's developmental promotion at the time, FCW. She spent a year there before the promotion got rebranded as NXT.

Despite Saraya becoming a top star in the Stamford-based company later in her career, the former Divas Champion was bullied earlier during her time in FCW. In a recent WWE Biography episode, she said:

"I came in with previous wrestling experience and some of the girls were intimidated by that... The only person that was nice to me was Summer Rae... I remember they used to throw my **** out of the locker room... they told me I had to do my stuff in the shower and they were just awful."

Saraya's father disclosed that his daughter considered quitting several times during her first few months in FCW.

"I remember calling my mom and dad for like three or four months and I was crying my eyes out," said Saraya. Her father added: "These phone calls were really frequent at the start until she settled in. Many times she wanted to come home. All I'm saying is 'give it time, it's your big moment. They're gonna test you.'"

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The former WWE Divas Champion finally stood up for herself

After several months of being mistreated by the FCW women's locker room, Saraya finally decided to stand up for herself.

During her biography episode, the former Divas Champion revealed that she once issued a clear warning to her co-workers. It was enough for them to stop bullying her.

"I remember kicking the door down one day and I was like, 'I'll beat your a** if you touch my sh*t again.' And then they stopped," Saraya said.

Saraya sent a message to Bayley on her 10-year anniversary in the Stamford-based company. Check it out here.

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