"He doesn't really belong in there" - WWE veteran believes Goldberg shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame

Goldberg entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018
Goldberg entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018

Despite Goldberg being a multi-time world champion, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell believes he does not belong in the Hall of Fame.

At Starrcade 1999, Goldberg had an incident with Bret Hart in which he kicked The Hitman in the head during a match. The move allegedly caused the Canadian to suffer a career-ending injury. Over the past few years, Hart has been vocal about his heat with Goldberg, claiming he should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame.

Speaking on his Story Time with Dutch Mantell show, the wrestling veteran addressed Hart's desire to see Goldberg out of the Hall of Fame. Mantell also believes the former Universal Champion does not belong in the prestigious club.

"What does taking him out of the Hall of Fame do? [Nothing] yes, sir. He's [Hart] just mad at him. He's pissed at him. And by right, yeah he doesn't really belong in there. (...) I think that to take him out of the Hall of Fame, I don't think it does anything. It just maybe appeases Bret a little bit," he said. (0:51 - 1:32)

Bret Hart previously claimed that Goldberg owed him $16 million. Check out his comments here.

Dutch Mantell calls WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg a "crappy worker"

Goldberg kicked off his wrestling career in 1997. Over the past 25 years, the 55-year-old has competed in WCW and WWE, winning several titles, including the World Heavyweight and Universal Championships. In 2018, the Oklahoma native entered the Hall of Fame.

During the same show, Dutch Mantell noted Goldberg was a "crappy worker." He also criticized The Icon's short matches.

"Goldberg was a crappy worker. His whole career was based on 90-second matches. It's that long then he'd get up and stick his tongue out and then walk around the ring. And I don't even know who trained Goldberg if anybody," he added on Story Time with Dutch Mantell. (1:34 - 2:00)

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