"It's incredible to watch" - Former Universal Champion says Dominik Mysterio will become a huge star in WWE

Dominik Mysterio is currently a member of The Judgment Day
Dominik Mysterio is currently a member of The Judgment Day

Former Universal Champion Finn Balor believes his fellow Judgment Day partner Dominik Mysterio will become a "huge star" in WWE.

In 2020, Dominik made his in-ring debut against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. He has since become a regular competitor in the Stamford-based company. Over the past two years, the 25-year-old has been wrestling alongside his father. However, he turned on Rey Mysterio last September at Clash at the Castle to join The Judgment Day.

Speaking to BT Sport, Balor disclosed that he enjoys watching Dominik develop as a character and in-ring competitor in WWE.

"[It's beautiful to] see Dominik kind of slip into the role so seamlessly because people forget he kind of debuted about a year before he turned heel and he was learning on the job, like he wasn't really doing that much training. And I mean that with the greatest amount of respect but, you know, he had a couple months training, I think with Lance, and, you know, little bits here and there with his dad and stuff but not an immense amount of training to be in the deep end on live TV for WWE," he said. [9:28 - 9:58]

The former Universal Champion also disclosed that he believes the 25-year-old will become a "huge star" in the Stamford-based company.

"He was only kind of adapting to that and then he was thrown this huge curveball where he's now turning on his dad and playing a completely different character. And the way he's like slipped into that character, it's incredible to watch (...) I think he's gonna be a huge star for us," Balor added. [10:01 - 10:42]

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What happened before Dominik Mysterio's first heel promo in WWE?

Despite not being an experienced superstar, Dominik Mysterio is seemingly very confident in his abilities. While speaking to BT Sport, Finn Balor disclosed that Rey Mysterio's son has a chilled personality.

The former Universal Champion recalled his surprising conversation with Dominik a few seconds before the young superstar gave his first heel promo.

"I remember the first night that he was going out to do a heel promo and like going up to him and like, you know, calm him down a little bit and say, 'okay dude, don't worry, everything's gonna be cool. He said, 'Oh, I'm cool bro, don't worry.' I said, 'you know what you're gonna say?' [Dominik replied], 'Nah, I'll figure it out.' And like he went out there like super chilled and just that's how he is," Balor said. [1:18 - 10:38]

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