Kurt Angle finally opens up on his backstage relationship with Vince Russo

Vince Russo and Kurt Angle worked together in TNA.
Vince Russo and Kurt Angle worked together in TNA.
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The latest episode of "The Kurt Angle Show" revolved around the WWE Hall of Famer's tenure at TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, where he briefly worked with Vince Russo.

Vince Russo had multiple spells at TNA and was on the company's creative team when Kurt Angle arrived in 2006.

Vince Russo has had a controversial reputation in the pro wrestling business due to his outspoken nature and wild storyline ideas, but Kurt Angle said he had great chemistry with the former WWE head writer.

Kurt Angle revealed that he loved working with Vince Russo and compared the veteran wrestling personality to WWE's former creative head, Brian Gewirtz.

Angle also clarified that he didn't have power over his programs at TNA and that he never craved any backstage authority. The WWE Legend said that he just wanted Vince Russo and the writers to create storylines for him, and he had no problems playing his role on TV.

Kurt Angle wanted no world title promises, and his main goal was to contribute and make TNA a better product with the help of Vince Russo and other officials.

"Well, Vince and I had great chemistry. I loved Vince. I loved working with him. Every bit as much as I loved working with Brian Gewirtz of the WWE. But did I have power over my own programs? No. I didn't want power. That's not what I was all about. I wanted Vince Russo to write for me and create for me, that's what he did, and he did it really well. And I didn't want any power. I didn't want any promises given to me about world titles. I just wanted to contribute to the show and make it bigger," revealed Kurt Angle.
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Vince Russo and Kurt Angle's current statuses

Kurt Angle has not worked for a wrestling company since being released from the WWE in April 2020. Angle has his hands tied at the moment with his podcast and other business ventures, and the legendary superstar currently has no intention of returning to the squared circle.

However, Angle told Dr. Chris Featherstone that he would be willing to return to WWE to manage a promising young superstar.

As for Vince Russo, the former WWE writer can be found every week sharing his opinions on the current state of wrestling right here on Sportskeeda.


The most recent 'Writing with Russo' episode had the veteran talk about the ongoing war of words between Eric Bischoff and Tony Khan. You can check out the video above.

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