"We could have been something fantastic together" - Superstar opens up on his past relationship with Paige (Exlcusive)


Paige has experienced several ups and downs in her WWE career, and as things stand, the former Divas Champion has been retired from active in-ring competition since 2017.

Paige has also had to deal with a turbulent love life over the years, and her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, aka Alberto El Patron, instantly comes to mind when recapping her dating history.

The former WWE champion recently sat down with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta, and the superstar opened up about his past relationship with Paige.


Del Rio admitted that he was disappointed to see Paige retire from wrestling as he felt she was an incredible performer.

Del Rio reminisced when he was still with Paige and added that the couple could have built an empire together had they stayed out of trouble. The former United States champion admitted that he and Paige wasted precious time partying and indulging in 'stupid stuff.'

Alberto Del Rio also stated that they had mixed around with the wrong people, which eventually led to their separation:

"Completely. I will always say this, like, she is amazing. Like, amazing! She is an amazing performer. We could have been something fantastic together. We could have been; we could have built an empire together with her talent, my talent, our charisma. But instead of that, we used our time to do stupid stuff. To party, to hang out with not good companies, not good people, sorry, not companies, not g people. It is what it is. We could have, should have, would have, you know."

"She is with somebody and that somebody loves her" - Alberto Del Rio on Paige's current relationship status

Paige has been dating Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke since the end of 2018, and Del Rio noted that he is happy for the popular female star.

Paige is in a good spot as she has maintained a steady relationship and also continues to stream on Twitch.

"At least, as far as I know, at least she is happy, that she is with somebody and that somebody loves her and she has been doing good, and you stay that way, you know," Del Rio added.

During the emotional interview, Alberto Del Rio also divulged details of his confidentiality agreement with Paige and her family, his personal life, Andrade's WWE release, and much more.

Del Rio is set to appear at Fabulous Lucha Libre on August 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Tickets can be purchased at Event Brite.

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