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Ranking the 5 best WWE Matches in 2016 so far

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8.94K   //    15 Nov 2016, 14:12 IST
AJ Styles vs John Cena at Summerslam was the best match of 2016... on the main roster

Although WWE fans may complain that the product is weaker nowadays than it was back in the Attitude Era, one aspect of WWE that has evolved and flourished even more in recent years is the in-ring action.

Sure, the quality of storylines and promos may have decreased to some degree, but the wrestlers are constantly wrestling brilliant matches, especially on PPV.

With the returning brand split in July, there have been more PPVs than ever as of late. Still, even with the crowded schedule, the in-ring excellence has remained. Whether they’re in dream matches between some of the best wrestlers in the world, or in the workhorse Intercontinental Title matches, WWE’s in-ring talent never fail to excite.

So, which have been the best matches of this year thus far? Let’s find out, as I rank the 5 best WWE matches so far in 2016. 

#5 Extreme Rules Fatal 4-Way: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs The Miz (Intercontinental Championship):

Four incredible talents in a fast-paced, spectacular fatal-4 way

Somehow, these four men exceeded the already lofty expectations placed on this bout by fans. With four extremely talented in-ring performers involved, fans knew they would steal the show. Not only did they achieve that, they also wrestled one of the best matches of the year (so far).

Awesome false finishes, high-octane energy, and big moves; this match was absolutely spectacular. Unlike the Wrestlemania 32 ladder match, this bout highlighted the storytelling for each competitor throughout, with a number of sub-plots taking place.

Whether it was Zayn and Owens’ continuous rivalry, Cesaro and Miz’s bad blood, or Zayn and Cesaro’s mutual respect, there was never a moment where fans didn’t have a reason to care about what was occurring.

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Each man had an equal chance of winning as well, as fans didn’t see Miz as a permanent champion. This made the crowd even louder for each big move and near fall, as the four men kept fans on the edge of their seats with some awesome sequences.

Each superstar had their time in the spotlight as well, with each man looking dominant at some point in the bout.

The finish was wonderfully told, as Zayn’s issues with Owens caused him to lose focus, while Miz sneaked in to steal the win as he escaped with the title. Overall, a wonderful bout between four tremendous in-ring workers, as they stole the show in a terrific Fatal 4-way.

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