WWE Rumor Roundup: Backstage heat on recently released Superstar; Reason iconic veteran was fired; Details on Jeff Hardy's controversial angle - 3rd June 2020

Jeff Hardy/McMahon
Jeff Hardy/McMahon

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup where we try and bring the latest updates and rumors from the world of WWE. In today's edition of the Rumor Roundup, we will discuss why WWE has gone ahead with a controversial angle and why the company fired an iconic veteran among other things.

With WWE having released multiple Superstar recently, there are some new reports indicating where these Superstars may land after their non-compete clauses are over.

We will also discuss why WWE's latest release - Rob Gronkowski - reportedly had a lot of heat backstage, to the point where a certain Superstar even called him a 'clown'.

So without further ado, let us dive into the biggest rumors and updates of the day:

#5 Rob Gronkowski reportedly had a lot of heat backstage in WWE

Rob Gronkowski, also known as The Gronk, is not only an iconic NFL player but recently became a regular part of WWE as well. The Superstar hosted this year's WrestleMania and was also involved in a high-spot at the show.

While the spot did not go as planned, he did manage to win the 24/7 Championship which he retained until R-Truth defeated him on RAW this week. Also, it has been revealed that The Gronk has been released of his WWE contract as he wanted to focus on his NFL career.

As per Fightful, there was a lot of backstage heat on The Gronk and a top Superstar even called him a 'clown' that they were better off without.

"Those that we've spoken too -- even those with a reputation of being easy, helpful, and good to work with, all had negative things to say about working with Gronk after his WrestleMania fiasco. There was heat on Gronkowski after his hesitation to do his scheduled spot put the WrestleMania filming two hours behind schedule. One top name on the roster called Gronk "A F***in' clown who we are so much better off without."
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