How Sasha Banks has always been a polarizing figure in WWE

Sasha Banks walked out of an episode of RAW recently and may not return to WWE any time soon
Sasha Banks walked out of an episode of RAW recently and may not return to WWE any time soon
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For WWE Superstar Sasha Banks, there's just no way of keeping everyone happy.

Within the WWE Universe, Banks might be the most divisive figure the promotion has seen since the heyday of John Cena. It seems as if half the fan base simply adores her, while the other half can't stand the six-time world champion. Depending on your perspective, The Boss is either supremely confident or absolutely arrogant.

Her actions over the past week haven't helped in changing that reputation. In fact, they've thrown more gasoline on the fire.

Frustrated by the direction of their booking, Banks and partner Naomi lodged a protest at last week's RAW tapings. Things didn't go their way, so they left their WWE Women's Tag Team Championships behind and exited the building.

This forced the company to re-write the show. It's also led to World Wrestling Entertainment suspending both ladies and essentially burying them on the broadcasts.

As of now, their future with the company is uncertain.

Oh I'm all for @SashaBanksWWE @NaomiWWE ..... Goes to show that those titles don't mean nothing to the company. Heck the NXT women's Tag Titles get more play than them

Once again, with whatever information is available on the incident, fans are divided on who was right and who was wrong. Fans of Sasha and Naomi are saying that they were brave and that they should stick to their guns. Meanwhile, all the loyalists stand by WWE.

Once again, the very talented Sasha Banks finds herself surrounded by controversy in WWE

Considered one of the greatest female performers in the world, Banks has gained her reputation for good reason.

Blessed with great athleticism and speed, she signed with the company in 2012. She found success in NXT, where she and fellow Four Horsewomen members Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Bayley were having blowaway matches. The quartet helped change the face of women's wrestling in the modern era, and Banks might have been the most well-rounded performer out of all of them.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley Nxt takover Brooklyn

When she finally made it to the main roster, there was no need to dress up the act anymore. She was a ready-made star. The Boss had arrived, and she's been one of pro wrestling's elite ever since.

She has also been a trailblazer in terms of women and minorities in the professional wrestling industry. Banks is a hero to young girls of color who may be dreaming of following in her footsteps. To them, she is larger than life and a hero.

So why do so many members of the WWE Universe dislike her?

Banks' persona is one of a daring diva who takes nothing from anyone. She's tough-as-nails. At times, to the point of being annoying.

Perhaps her overt character is why some fans are being rubbed the wrong way. Or, there are WWE die-harders who have heard stories that she can be a malcontent backstage. According to some reports, the heel she portrays onscreen can sometimes mirror her attitude with management.

Even though it seems like she's been around forever, Banks is still only 30 years old. She's made some mistakes in her career and likely said a few things she shouldn't have.

While most people can chalk that up to mere immaturity or 'growing pains', others aren't quick to forgive. For whatever reason, that same percentage holds a grudge against both the performer and the person.

So where does The Boss go from here?

With her future completely up in the air right now, there are basically three options for her at this point. Returning amicably to WWE, wait out her soon-to-expire contract and sign with AEW, or leave the industry and pursue other options.

As far as returning to action and working for Vince McMahon, this is the most likely scenario. More often than not, these situations eventually cool down, and the performer re-emerges with WWE.

As far as signing with AEW, she would be an enormous acquisition for Tony Khan. Despite leaving behind Sasha Banks' name and character, she could always re-invent herself in the same way Jon Moxley did.

Banks would command huge amounts of money in the free agent market and could completely change the face of any promotion's women's division. That sounds like a match made in heaven for Khan's checkbook.

She also has the option of leaving the world of sports entertainment for the bright lights of Tinsel Town. Her work as Koska Reeves in the Star Wars spin-off, The Mandolorian, has drawn plenty of positive reviews. It's only logical to believe that The Boss is fielding more offers from Hollywood.

Whether Banks can reach the status of someone like The Rock is anyone's guess, but she could still make a comfortable living as an actress without the crazy schedule and risk of injury that comes with being a wrestler.

If Banks does, indeed, depart WWE and this is truly it for Sasha Banks, many members of the audience will simply say, "Good Riddance."

It's a shame, because Banks is truly one of the greatest of all-time at what she does. Whether it's her attitude or opinions that grate on people, we can never know. But she's definitely a WWE Superstar who some fans genuinely dislike, and that's very unfortunate. Given her talent and accomplishments, she should always be recognized as 'The Boss'.

Do you believe Sasha Banks will return to WWE soon? Or is she set to depart the company? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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