The Richest WWE Superstars Today

The Bellas and Cena are some of the richest WWE superstars
The Bellas and Cena are some of the richest WWE superstars
Ali Akber
Modified 04 Oct 2018
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The world of sports entertainment is extremely lucrative in today’s world. Even though it did not begin with a lot of money, the WWE today is spending billions of dollars annually to make the company the biggest and the best in the business.

As a result of that, a lot of people who were stuck in menial jobs have managed to become world-renowned superstars who have millions of dollars in their bank accounts. After tasting success in the wrestling business, some have even moved on to other careers and managed to find a lot of success in those businesses too.

With that said, a lot of superstars have managed to amass enough money to live a comfortable life after sacrificing a lot inside and outside the ring. The WWE has awarded such superstars generously which is the reason why every wrestler tries to jump up the ladder and move on from their current promotion to the WWE.

Let’s take a look at the wrestlers who have managed to make the largest fortune from their in-ring and out of the ring activities.

#10 The Undertaker – $17 Million

The Deadman
The Deadman's pockets are still alive

Mark William Calaway will always be known as The Undertaker. Being the longest tenured wrestler in the WWE today, The Undertaker has dedicated his entire life to making it big and becoming the company’s most famous wrestler.

His periodic appearances at Wrestlemania to defend his already damaged Streak, along with one-off appearances on Raw, SmackDown, and major pay-per-views outside the US to sell the show, are reasons enough to make him a part of the list.

He has several specialty matches such as the Buried Alive matches, Casket Matches and Last Ride match to his name, and thus he has a net worth of $17 million.

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Published 04 Oct 2018
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